Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Don “The Caveman” Robinson?

March 30, 2007

drobinsongiants.jpgDon “The Caveman” Robinson was the workhorse of the Giants pitching staff from 1987-1991. In his five years with the Giants, Robinson’s ERA numbers were as follows: 2.74, 2.45, 3.43, 4.57 and 4.38. A control pitcher with a substantial amount of girth (6-4, 231), Robinson led the league in walks per nine innings in 1989, with a rate of 1.69:1. And he sported those cool 80s stirrups and baggy sleeves.

But the thing Robinson was probably best known for? Well, other than his nickname, he was a really, really good hitting pitcher. He was a regular pinch-hitter and even hit a homerun as a pinch-hitting-pitcher. That’s gotta be some record. He was a three-time Silver Slugger winner, honoring the best hitting pitcher in the league.

We have no idea what happened to Don Robinson since he retired in 1992. Sorry.

Don Robinson [Baseball Almanac]


Warriors (Got) Beat: Well, That Worked Out Well

March 30, 2007

In honor of the Warriors-Suns national broadcast last night, we decided to keep a running diary:

10:49pm ET: Just turned on the computer as the game starts. Nothing screams single guy like eating Chinese food and having a beer while typing on the laptop at 10:45 on a weeknight. Oh well. A Warriors victory will quell the depression. They have already scored 15 unanswered. 9:20 left in the 1st Quarter. 18-6 Warriors. Reggie Miller says this is a glorified pickup game. D’Antoni just called a timeout after a JRich three. The Warriors are totally going to the playoffs behind this new small-small ball lineup, with four guards (Baron, Ellis, JRich, Crazy Steve) and Al Harrington. Brilliant, Nellie, brilliant!

10:52: That Team USA commercial comes on. I think of the same two things every time: Carmelo Anthony saying he’s an ambassador to the game. This is the same Carmelo who was featured with drug dealers and, um, witness intimidators in that Stop Snitchin’ dvd and who then sucker punched and ran away from a second-round draft pick? And what is Brad Miller doing in that commerical? They couldn’t get anyone better? Not even Kirk Hinrich for the token white guy?

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Warriors (Got) Beat: National Television + Playoff Hopes = ?

March 29, 2007

125204.jpgBig game tonight. Big game.

The Warriors tip off at 10:30ET on TNT against the first-place Phoenix Suns. The Bolt-Boys (sounds like a … nevermind) have lost two in a row, but still sit a game and a half out of the final playoff spot occupied by the Los Angeles Clippers.

With the ClipShow idle tonight, a victory tonight would position the Warriors a game behind. The Clippers then have Sacramento and Portland back to back, while the Warriors don’t play until Sunday evening, when they play the worst team in the league, Memphis.

A lot is riding on this weekend. We’re going out on a limb and saying that if the Warriors win tonight, then they’re going to get that mythical playoff berth. If not, well, then their playoff hopes will end up like Nikki and Paulo on Lost: buried and dead. In that order.

The Soccer Post: United States Can Only Defeat Central America Economically

March 29, 2007


Soccer gazetteer Brendan McCarthy is an avid fan, a prolific goal scorer in his recreational semi-pro league and an all-around metahuman. Residing in “Texas,” he continues to follow the game he loves (along with about seventy gabillion other people). Brendan will share his thoughts about fútbol on a regular basis here at Say Hey. His words follow.

U.S. 0 Guatemala 0

You know what really upset me about this game? Guatemala. From their line-up to their play to their demeanor, the Guatemalan desired outcome was a nil-nil draw from the moment they boarded their plane in Guatemala City (clever name). If truly that is the case, then we might as well say, “Guatemala wins!!!” But wait, this was not the opening match of the Gold Cup in June, nor was it a part of World Cup qualifying. No, it was just a friendly; a meaningless game played to learn more about a country’s players and abilities and an opponent’s players and abilities. So, naturally, the Central Americans guarded the goal with nearly all eleven players in the oh-so-classic 4-5-1 formation. The one man up front, Carlos Ruiz, in between falling down and grabbing appendages, heroically carried the offense against the North Americans with maybe two shots from 30 yards out.

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McDonald’s All-American Game Teaches Us That OJ Mayo Sucks And Ronald McDonald Is Fat & Creepy

March 29, 2007


And today’s winner for “creepiest clown photo” goes to …

Anyway, last night was the annual McDonald’s All-American game, showcasing the best high-school hoopsters from around the nation. Kansas St-bound Michael Beasley earned MVP honors as the West beat the East 114-112. UCLA top recruit Kevin Love looked good as well, adding 13 points and six rebounds.

But the real story was the all-around ineptitude of OJ Mayo. As you might be able to tell, we have a little bias against the USC-bound kid, but we’re not the only ones. Mayo, who has received created an inordinate amount of hype with his prima donna ways, went 4 for 17 from the floor and missed the potential game-winner. Also, the crowd booed him, which is nice. Nothing like despising a teenager. Come to think of it, we liked OJ Mayo better when he was named JR Rider.

Mayo falls short at McDonald’s game [ESPN]

Giants Roundup: “Predicting The Season And How Badly It Will Go” Edition

March 29, 2007
  • Ray Ratto looks into his crystal ball and tells us how the Season of 756 will play out, and you know, we can see pretty much all of it happening. [SFGate]
  • Sports Illustrated picked the Giants to finish dead last. Sabean thinks this year’s squad is like the 1997 team that finished first after last place predictions. The difference, in our opinion, is that Stan Javier isn’t on this year’s version. [SFGate]
  • Kevin Correia is only having a bad time on the mound this spring if you consider an 8.44 ERA “bad.” [Inside Bay Area]
  • Reason #4231 to like Barry Zito: prior to leaving Arizona yesterday, he bought steak-and-potato meals for all 250 players, coaches and personnel. Good Barry 1, Bad Barry 0. [sfgiants]
  • According to Peter Gammons, “the Giants have it in writing that Barry Bonds will do dugout press briefings the first day of a road series, to try to lessen the congestion in the San Francisco clubhouse.” Um, thanks? Good Barry 2, Bad Barry 0. [ESPN Insider]
  • And, since everyone liked Deadspin’s A’s Preview, here’s the Giants’ version. [Deadspin]

Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Luke Whitehead?

March 28, 2007

Luke Whitehead came to San Francisco sometime in the fall of 1996. He arrived at St. Ignatius College Prep as the next Kevin Garnett, a freshman prodigy. He dominated the WCAL, even as a freshman, and led SI in some very successful years. Prior to his senior year, he bolted the Bay to play at a fancy hoops academy (Oak Hill, VA), only to resurface soon thereafter at the University of Louisville. Under Rick Pitino, Whitehead averaged 9.10 points per game while enjoying solid playing time throughout his four years, including Third Team All-Conference honors in his final season.

After his college career, Whitehead did not get drafted by an NBA team. He tried out for some teams (including the Clippers) before the 2004 season to no avail.

In 2006, Whitehead was a seventh-round draft pick by the NBA Development League’s Sioux Falls Skyforce. He was waived on December 19, 2006.

And he fell on his head once. Ouch.