March Madness Preview: Midwest Region

Yuck.Is there any way Florida can lose this region?

I’m looking at you, Chase.

Despite the fervent yet futile hopes of scarred UCLA fans and basically anyone else with taste, it looks like the Florida Gators have a comparatively easy road to Atlanta. They’ve got the athleticism, the inside muscle, the outside shooting, the momentum, the experience and most importantly (and obnoxiously), the moronic, ignorant swagger of past champions.

Look Out For: the Pac-10 teams. No, this isn’t the West Coast bias here. Arizona and Oregon are both extremely streaky teams with high ceilings. The Wildcats haven’t been there all year and a potential second round matchup with Florida does not bode well for them, but Oregon may be the hottest team in the country. They can–and will–light it up.

More whimsy analysis after the jump …

Overrated: UNLV, Wisconsin

Underrated: Maryland, Georgia Tech

Favorite Thing About This Region: all the funny looking people. Noah, Al Horford, Cory “Stoner” Brewer, Chase Budinger, Alando Tucker (note to self: never bet on team whose star players wears glasses), this guy from UNLV, and Winthrop’s Irish big man, Jason Killeen. And the short guy from Oregon. Because, you know, short people are funny.

All-Name Team: Marreese Speights (UF), De’Andre Adams (Winthrop), Wink Adams (UNLV) , Marsharee Neely & Valdas Vasylius (Old Dominion), Can Civi (Davidson) and Scooby Johnson (TAMU-CC).

Final Thoughts: Oregon is the new Arizona. By that, I mean, the hyped-up, high-octane team who will fizzle out more quickly than people think. Yeah, I know I just said to look out for them, but they’re gonna be hot or cold. For some reason, I don’t buy the “hot finish” theory with the Ducks. Don’t know why. And I don’t know anything about any of the mid-majors here. Florida showed that it’s vulnerable earlier this year during its slide(s), but was that just a matter of focus? All in all, it’s hard to envision Florida–if it shows up like last year–losing to anyone in this bracket. Sigh. Stupid bracket maker people.

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