March Madness Preview: South Region

greg-oden-index.jpgSee, everyone thinks Texas & Kevin Durant are the Syracuse & Carmelo Anthony of this year’s tourney. How quickly everyone forgot about Mr. Greg Oden, who was the consensus Frosh of the Year before the year began. Since then, Oden broke his right wrist and Durant played his way into the Player of the Year, deservedly so.

But then the wrist got better.

In the Big Ten tournament, tOSU looked pretty unstoppable and Oden was a force defensively and offensively. Dude looked like Shaq out there. And with Mike Conley Jr playing the Kobe/Wade/Penny (?) role, tOSU looks pretty, pretty good. And their path to the Elite 8 isn’t as daunting as others’.

The experts’ picks: tOSU (Vitale & Bilas), Texas A&M (Katz & Stuart Mandel) and Memphis (Gregg Doyel)

More analysis. Well, “analysis” after the jump.

Overrated: Tennessee & Xavier. Nevada is a trendy pick to make some noise because Nick Fazekas is a lottery pick, but injuries and a generous seed may add up to a quick exit.

Underrated: Virgina & Louisville. UVA has the guards to give Oden & Friends a tough game i they meet in the Sweet 16. But Albany is a sleeper. You heard it here first. Albany. The capital of New York.

Best Storylines: Can Stanford live up to the pressure of the bubble? Is Nevada guard Marcelus Kemp one of Shawn Kemp’s kids? Also, the whole Texas A&M-Acie Law IV as the new Hollis Price (remember him?).

All-Name Team: Tre’Von Willis (Memphis), Nate Funk (Creighton), Antanas Kavaliauskus (Texas A&M), Da’Veed Dildy (Stanford) and Jemino Sobers (CC St)

Final Thoughts: The Ohio State University will dominate the bracket and Texas A&M will bow out earlier than expected, thereby rendering many brackets as “busted.”

One Response to March Madness Preview: South Region

  1. Anonymous says:

    Memphis will win this bracket. C-USA!

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