Warriors (Got) Beat: So It Follows That The W’s Are The Mightiest Team In The Land

mont.jpgIn typical Golden State fashion, the lovable lightning bolts laid into the best team in the league last night. The Warriors abruptly halted the Mavericks’ league-best 17 game winning streak in definitive fashion.

This game represented exactly what the Warriors should be: a high-scoring team with a well-balanced attack. Let’s check out the stats. 117 points against one of the best defensive teams in the league. The scoring breakdown reads like a high school team: no one over 20 and eight (8!) scored at least eight (8!) points. Every starter, plus Monta and Pietrus, had at least one steal, with J-Rich leading the way with four.

Most impressive though, were the assists: 31 assists on 44 field goals versus only 14 turnovers. Baron, J-Rich and Crazy Steve all dished out seven (7!) dimes apiece.

The playoff dream remains alive. And with our recent dominance against Dirk’s Digglers, a first-round matchup with Dallas just got a little more interesting.

Warriors-Dallas recap [ESPN]

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