March Madness Preview: East Region

070202_durant_vmed_12pwidec.jpgIn what looks like the toughest and most well-rounded at the top region, the East could be the biggest bracket buster of all. UNC is the weakest top seed, especially with Psycho T unable to get on track offensively with the mask. Texas is by far the strongest four seed, and Kevin Durant’s Longhorns are already drawing comparisons to Gerry McNamera’s Carmelo Anthony’s Orangemen. Georgetown is the trendy championship sleeper pick, with everyone from Michael Wilbon to Dan Patrick picking the Hoyas. And for good reason, they’re hot and have the size to hang with the likes of Carolina and the Oden St. Buckeyes.

Overrated:  USC (duh), Boston College.

Underrated:  Arkansas, Washington St. Hear me out on Wazzu. The Cougars are a common upset pick. A three-seed is probably a little high for them. They have a first-year coach and haven’t been to the tournament since the Industrial Revolution. BUT, they play lock-down defense and control the tempo to overcome their lack of athleticism. A Sweet 16 bow-out to Georgetown seems pretty reasonable; after all, they play Oral Roberts and then (possibly) Vanderbilt/GW. Wazzu! Plus, they have the coolest logo in the college sports (it SAYS W-S-U and LOOKS LIKE A COUGAR!).

All-Name Team:  Darnell Dialls (Eastern KY), Lazar Hayward (Marquette), Idong Ibok (MSU), JeJuan Brown (Vanderbilt) and Sylvester Spicer (Oral Roberts).

Final Thoughts: Drew Neitzel upsets UNC and GTown takes the bracket behind the play of Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert.

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