Nostalgia: 1989 World Series Lineups


Everyone remembers the Battle of the Bay, the earthquake, Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire, Will Clark and Kevin Mitchell, and the like, but here’s a nice reminder of those not-so-bright stars who have since faded from memory. Terry Steinbach, we hardly knew ye.

Oakland A’s Lineup

LF: Rickey Henderson

3B: Carney Lansford

RF: Jose Canseco

DH: Dave Parker

CF: Dave Henderson

1B: Mark McGwire

C: Terry Steinbach

2B: Tony Phillips

SS: Walt Weiss

P: Dave Stewart

Giants Lineup after the jump …

San Francisco Giants Lineup

CF: Brett Butler

2B: Robby Thompson

1B: Will Clark

LF: Kevin Mitchell

3B: Matt Williams

DH: Ernest Riles

LF: Candy Maldonado

C: Terry Kennedy

SS: Jose Uribe

P: Scott Garrelts

One Response to Nostalgia: 1989 World Series Lineups

  1. FranticFanatic says:

    The Battle of the Bay. It’s been quite a while since then and I can’t help but smile when I think of Dave Dravecky, BEDROSIAN, Kirt Manwaring and better yet Atlee Hammaker, who was last seen at the 1998 Burning Man in Arizona smoking a blunt in the bushes playing the bongos. Those were the days my friend…

    This weekend I will be choosing my Fantasy Team. First pick: Julio “Old Man” Franco. A man, without the use of artificial enhancements, who has climbed to top, slid to the bottom, and now comfortably with the METS…

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