Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Merton Hanks?

merton.jpgA four-time Pro Bowler who played White Lightning to Tim McDonald’s Black Thunder– errr something like that–Merton Hanks won Niners fans’ hearts with his flashy interceptions, clutch play and of course, “the Funky Chicken Dance.” The heart and soul of the 1994 defense that won the Super Bowl, he anchored one of the best secondaries in recent history, joining McDonald, Eric Davis and Deion Sanders in terrorizing opposing quarterbacks. He led that team in interceptions, with seven. It takes someone special to out-flash Deion Sanders, but for that one year, “the Funky Chicken Dance” was the greatest thing in the world.

Hanks topped off his career with a not-so-illustrious stint in Seattle, eventually retiring in 2001. According to Wikipedia, he now works for the NFL as a senior manager and goes on speaking tours. We can’t help but wonder if he does that neck thing at the end of his speeches.

Merton Hanks [wikipedia]


11 Responses to Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Merton Hanks?

  1. FranticFanatic says:

    Nice. Merton Hanks and the funky chicken. You read it first here, that Chad “ocho cinco” Johnson will be performing the funky chicken a la Merton Hanks in the 08 season.

  2. corneliuscharles says:

    Not many things pumped me up more in 90’s Bay Area sports than the post-INT funky chicken mayhem.

  3. pb says:

    Is there any video of that dance available on the web?

  4. willi says:

    Still looking for a video of Merton’s dance on the web. By far the best celebration I have ever seen.

    He named it the sesame strut. Use to do it for his kids to make them laugh.

  5. FUJ says:

    merton hanks was the fucking man!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The only video I can think of where he does that dance is on E-40’s video “Hope I Don’t Go Back.”

  7. smoovo says:

    Merton goes to my church, great guy.

  8. Louis Stevens says:

    His two daughters play volleyball for me in High School and he is there quite often supporting them in the athletic endeavors.

    Nice guy and his daughters are getting better by the day.

  9. derrick neal says:

    Mert neck hanks .u proably don’t remember me or do .we use to ride tha bus to school n morn.I was James lawton neigbor n keisha kanfield we grew up togather .we all went to fm .I use to lifeguard @ boundbrook n summer. U were the shit playn wit the 49ers we use watch all ur games. I was proud we went to same school. I was crushed when we moved from stults area I couldn’t go to lh.n b a wildcat. I ended up n mckinney .I’ve followed ur career .til u ret. They@work still wonder where u @?.good to finally have caught up to you.

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