Shocking News Of The Day: David Wells Has Diabetes

wells.jpgNow, we aren’t one to make fun of potentially fatal diseases, but don’t worry. San Diego Padres pitcher David Wells announced that he has Type 2 diabetes (Type 1 is the “bad one” … we hear). Now, if you’re surprised that a 350-pound man with a fondness for smoking cigars and drinking before pitching (he pitched a perfect game hungover) might develop diabetes, then you may also be surprised to hear that there was a war protest in San Francisco and there were car bombs in Iraq. Wells said that there should be “no problem” if he follows the rules. It’s just so hard to lay off that gin and tonic during the seventh inning stretch.

Padres’ Wells has diabetes but vows to ‘beat it’ [ESPN]


2 Responses to Shocking News Of The Day: David Wells Has Diabetes

  1. jimroz says:

    I saw that news today I am sorry to hear about it. As a Red Sox fan he had a solid year and a half with Boston and I wish him nothing, but the best. I also have a blog detailing sports and TV feel free to check it out sometime.

  2. […] · Filed under Uncategorized I was searching through wordpress and found a site dedicated to Bay area teams. David Wells going down with Diabetes is something I will keep an eye on. He is notorious for his […]

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