ESPN Buzz: Experts Not Jumping On Golden State Bandwagon. Yet.

From recent SportsNation expert chats on

Zac (Oakland): Wouldn’t the Warriors give Dallas a little scare if they meet in the 1st round? Nellie has an ax to grind with Cuban and seems to know how to beat these guys. But what a horrible showing by The Beach in the tourney. Too many turnovers, so I’m ready if you want to give me a hard time.

SportsNation Marc Stein: (11:49 AM ET ) A very minor scare. That series goes no more than five if they meet in the first round and it might be over in three. The Warriors just need to get there first. As for your Beach, can’t rip you. I’d kill for a horrible showing in the tournament.

Jon (San Francisco, CA): From one Jon to another: Any love for the Warriors? Wins over Dalls, Detroit, and all their 8th seed competitors in the past two weeks. Don’t you want a Cuban-Nellie playoff series? As an aside, any chance Stephen Jackson’s improve play helps the Warriors ditch his large contract this offseason? I’m thinking the Spurs…

SportsNation John Hollinger: I think GS will get it as long as Baron and Richardson can stay in the lineup — unfortunately that’s hardly a given. As for Jackson, good luck trying to trade him. Only way is to take back somebody else’s headache.

More NBA, Stu Scott’s poor spelling and even some baseball questions answered after the jump …

Pat (Fort Morgan, CO): You were wrong on the Warriors/Pacers trade. Admit it! Better to have Jackson’s contract than Dunleavy’s.

SportsNation John Hollinger: What I wrote at the time was that I was expecting Indy to make a follow-up trade to get a shooting guard. They never did, and then Daniels got hurt, and it’s killing them.

stan (freeport, l.i.): Stu, the subject is major league baseball 2007. Make a prediction, any prediction–some examples: World Series winner, worst teams, Barry Bonds’ season numbers, does Bud Selig snub Barry when he hits his 756th homer. winningest pitcher, Sammy Sosa’s season numbers.

SportsNation Stuart Scott: (4:14 PM ET ) Barry will hit 31 HRs, SS will surprise people with 25, the Cuibs win the WS (I realkly don’t think so, but if it does, don’t forget to say I’m a really smart guy).

Justin (NYC): Historical Question, and a debate I need you to settle : Was Joe Dimaggio a great CF defensively, on par with Mays/Jones? And would you take Bonds(pre-roids) or Dimaggio?

SportsNation Rob Neyer: I don’t know that Joe DiMaggio was quite as good as Mays and Jones at their best; probably not. But he was truly outstanding. As were, oddly enough, Joe’s brothers Vince and Dominic. They had almost nothing in common as hitters, but each played Gold Glove-quality defense in center field. As for Bonds vs. DiMaggio, I probably would take pre-WW2 DiMaggio over pre-PED Bonds because of the defense, but it’d be real close.

Scott (A’s Nation): What happened to Blanton? He was great for a bit but now seems to be an average innings-eater type.

SportsNation Rob Neyer: He hasn’t actually changed that much. As I wrote in Baseball Prospectus 2007 (in most bookstores now!): “A control pitcher like Blanton will always be highly subject to the vagaries of luck on balls in play, and, over the last two seasons, Blanton’s luck has swung from one extreme to the other.” If he gives the A’s 200 innings and a 4.50 ERA, they’ll be happy.

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