The Franchise Report: Your Boxing Update, Now With 75% More Filipino Pop Music!

Every once in a while, our special correspondent Francis Reyes will drop by to enlighten us in areas we don’t know much about. Up this week, boxing and Asian music videos! Enjoy!

2207b.gifRocky Balboa, a comeback story for the ages, was released on DVD this week. In a stunning parallel to the heart-warming film epic, former “real-life” heavyweight champ Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield, at 44 years young, stepped back into the ring on Saturday. In the first fight on his newfound quest to attain a fifth title, he convincingly showed boxing enthusiasts that he is back as he whupped Vinny Maddalone, who was bloodied and punched out (little mac style on King Hippo) by the 3rd round. Vandy also sported a pretty nifty mustache.

More boxing news, the KO of the Year and Pac-Man, after the jump.

The weekend in boxing also included:

  • In a bit of an upset, Juan Manuel Marques displayed a textbook right hand all night and defeated Marco Antonio Barrera to win the Jr. Heavyweight Title in Las Vegas last Saturday.
  • Calvin Brock responded to the Klitschko loss by defeating Ralph West. The fight ended in the first round after a devastating right hand connected with West and sent him to the ground.
  • In the Middleweight division, Andy Lee, the 22-year old Irish Olympian (no doubt happy about that whole Saint Paddy’s Day thing), dominated Carl Daniels in impressive fashion. Lee landed a fierce combo that sent Daniels seeing stars before he face-planted into the canvas. This was surely one of the best knockouts of the early year and is definitely, definitely worth a look here at the 2:50 mark. Lee is on his way … be on the lookout for this Emanuel Steward protege.

The big news of the week, however, is that on Monday, Manny Pacquiao (ranked 2nd after Floyd Mayweather as the best Pound for Pound Boxer by The Ring) arrived at LAX to begin his training for his title defense next month against Mexican dynamo George Solis. The fight is scheduled to take place in San Antonio on April 14. Manny was mobbed by the throngs of Filipino faithful as he addressed them:

“I am glad to be back in the United States and I am ready to meet Jorge Soilis head-on in San Antonio next month…I am dedicating this fight to my countrymen in The Philippines and to all my fans around the world. I promise everyone this will be a fight to remember.”

In preparation for the fight I leave you with “Para Sayo Ang Laban Na’To” by Manny Pacquaio

Rafael’s Scorecard: Marquez, Holyfield Top Charts [ESPN]

Manny Pacquaio Update [Doghouse Boxing]

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