“I Won! I Won! … Heyyyy!!!”

the-bicycle-thief.jpgYesterday evening, a Scotts Valley (near Santa Cruz) woman was exiting the local Safeway when she decided stop in the parking lot to scratch her “Cherry Tripler” (get your mind out of the gutter–it’s a lottery ticket). Well, apparently, she tripled her cherries or whatever it is you have to do to win a large sum of money. What happened next is the stuff of legends:

When the woman realized she was holding a $5,000 winning “Cherry Tripler” ticket in her hands, she raised the ticket above her head, exclaiming, “I won.”

Ball reports that at that moment a man with shoulder-length blond hair rode past the woman on a rust colored cruiser-style bicycle, plucked the ticket from her outstretched hand and sped away.

We like to picture this scene occurring with the goldilocked thief saying “Yoink!” as he snatched the ticket out of the gloating lady’s hand. Also, has anyone seen Kato Kalin lately?

$5000 Lottery Ticket Snatched By Bicyclist [abc7news]


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