Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Tom Rathman?

superbowl_24.jpgNebraska alum Tom Rathman spent seven years as a San Francisco 49er (1986-93). The hard-nosed fullback blocked for the likes of Roger Craig and Rickey Watters en route to two Super Bowl victories. Interestingly enough, Rathman was a great receiver out of the backfield, perhaps the best receiving fullback in recent memory. In 1989, he led all running backs in receiving yards. He was a perfect fit in Walsh’s system: a tough blocking back who could also do some damage on the short swing passes on which the Niners lived.

Since retiring as Raider (yech) in 1994, Rathman has been a very active running back coach, serving on the coaching staffs of the Niners, the Mariucci-run Lions and finally, the Raiders.

Oh, and Tom Rathman wore the helmet with the vertical crossbar. Those were cool.

Tom Rathman [wikipedia]


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