Giants Roundup: New Scoreboard, Old Faces

  • Next time you’re at Pac Bell (or whatever it’s called this week), you’ll be hard-pressed to ignore the giant 31-foot tall, 101-foot wide, state-of-the-art high-def scoreboard. The thing weighs 28 tons and costs $3.1 million. So, it’s like a mini-version of Edgardo Alfonzo [SFGate]
  • Rich Aurilia, with leather, is poised to take on Ryan Klesko for the starting first base job. Um, anyone else? Anyone? [SFGate]
  • Sweeney, Ellison and Niekro are all vying for that last roster spot. We wonder if the losers get a red tag in their locker, like in Major League. [ESPN]
  • Speaking of Major League, will Bengie Molina, deteriorating skills and all, turn into our version of Jake Taylor? And is that a good or bad thing? [Giants Cove]
  • Jason Schmidt and Jeremy Accardo both hit 99mph on the radar gun last year, making them tops on the Giants staff for velocity. The Tigers’ Joel Zumaya topped all major leaguers at 104mph. An interesting tidbit: Barry Zito had the fourth-slowest fastball in the AL last year, at 85.8mph. [ESPN]
  • It’s a good thing that Giants beat writer Henry Schulman doesn’t write like he plays poker. [The Splash]
  • Not technically Giants-related, but gangsta rapper Tony Yayo beat up a 14-year-old kid for wearing the “wrong” t-shirt. Tony Yayo’s real name? Marvin Bernard. [NY Post]

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