Warriors (Got) Beat: So, About Last Night …

Instead of doing our usual recap of the latest attempt by the Warriors to miss the playoffs for a thirteenth consecutive year, we’ll let the guys over at Golden State of Mind (one of our favorite blogs) sum up the Warriors-Spurs fiasco last night:

The third quarter just ended. San Antonio has scored 102 points. We got outscored 29 to 12. Al Harrington has 1 point on 0-5 shooting. Jason Richardson has 0 points on 0-7 shooting. We are currently 3 for 18 from beyond. The Warriors are down 36 points.

The only good thing about that quarter was my bowl of Kix. Well, at least the half of it that I didn’t throw at the television.

The end result: a close 126-89 loss. The Lightning Bolts are now a full two games out of the last spot.

San Antonio 126, Golden State 89 [Yahoo!]

One Response to Warriors (Got) Beat: So, About Last Night …

  1. corneliuscharles says:

    When the Warriors win, I wake up the next morning and run to the computer to read all the gushing details. When they lose, I just read a book.

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