Family Circus, Oakland Style

April 30, 2007

As inspired by Kissing Suzy Kolber and The Dysfunctional Family Circus:



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Buzz: Along With Contaminated Pet Food, Warriors Fever Slowly Spreading Across Nation

April 30, 2007

In case you missed the early chats, the Warriors are slowly–slowly!–starting to garner some respect on the World Wide Leader …

Kim: (Dallas, TX): Will the Mavs playoff performance hurt Dirk’s chances of winning the MVP?

John Hollinger: To review, the MVP vote is for the regular season only. All the ballots had been cast before the Mavs-Warriors series started. Which is as it should be. Dirk was the most valuable player in the regular season; he just hasn’t bee in the past four games.

Charles Barkley: I was looking pretty foolish after last night’s game. Any chance the Mavs come back and put those uppity migdets in their place?

John Hollinger: Yes, they absolutely have a chance, because only one of the final three games are in Oakland, and also because Baron Davis is capable of getting injured at any time. But Nelly’s underdog schtick is growing tiresome.

Vin: (Dallas, TX): John, what’s going on with the Mavs? I don’t understand how a team can collapse they have, especially after how well they did in the regular season.

John Hollinger: The Mavs aren’t collapsing; Golden State is playing out of their minds. Look at the run they went on to end the season; this is NOT your typical 42-win team, and if they get past Dallas I would give them great odds if making the conference finals

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We Always Liked The Washington Post

April 30, 2007

Remember in Requiem for a Dream, when Sara Goldfarb (Ellen Burstyn) keeps saying “I’m gonna be on television” throughout the film? Well, here at Say Hey, we showed that crazy old lady who can get on the talking picture box. We got a little shout-out on Blog Show, which is a part of Washington Post Live that airs at 6pm in the DC-Baltimore region. It’s a good segment all around, with lots of internet gems, but if you don’t have time to watch all 11 minutes, we get highlighted–and some props–around the 3:40 mark.

We couldn’t quite get into our red dress for the occasion, but it’s a very nice treat nonetheless.

Thanks to everyone at the Blog Show for the kind words and a bigger thanks to all you readers here at Say Hey. God knows why you stick around, but we are very, very appreciative of your loyalty and contributions. The site couldn’t be what it is without you.

So, thank you.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programs …

Blog Show No. 6: ‘That’s What She Said’ [Mr. Irrelevant]

Giants Roundup: Is It Lincecum Time Yet?

April 30, 2007
  • Yeah, a sweep hurts (especially after that eight game winning streak), but all three losses in Arizona were by one run. Last night, despite picking up his first loss of the year, Matt Morris put in another solid performance against Randy Johnson. All in all, if there’s such a thing as a not-so-bad sweep to a division rival, this was it. [SFGate]
  • Meanwhile, down in Fresno, Tim Lincecum is doing his best Superman impression. Yesterday, he struck out 14 batters in just six innings. Think about that. There were 18 outs and 14 of those were strikeouts. Even more impressive are his stats for the year: 4-0, 0.29 ERA, 31 innings, 12 hits, 46 K’s. Yikes. [SFGate]
  • The Washington Post consults a rabbi to discuss whether or not to root for Barry Bonds. [Washington Post]
  • Shocking news of the weekend: Ray Durham, scratched from Saturday’s lineup because of back soreness. [Scouts Inc]
  • Major League Baseball credits Hank Aaron with 50 more homeruns. Take that, Barry. [The Onion]
  • The Giants come home tonight to face Colorado. Noah Lowry takes the mound.
  • The Homer Watch takes an unexpected turn. For the first time all year, the Giants take the lead, and it’s a commanding one at that: San Francisco Giants 18, Alex Rodriguez 14.

Wow. Just … Wow.

April 30, 2007

Oh. my. goodness.

Warriors 103, Mavericks 99.

And how about Warriors fans gaining national recognition?

P.S. Our sources tell us The Beard’s gonna paint the town red tonight. Maybe Jessica Alba and Andris Biedrins will be accompanying him, along with some surprise guests. Stay tuned …

[Photo courtesy: AP/Jeff Chiu]

Hey, It’s Hockey Season!

April 29, 2007

Now, it’s a particularly busy time around the Bay. The Warriors are on the brink of the biggest upset in NBA history (There, I said it). The Giants found HGH the fountain of youth and are tearing up the National League. The NFL has been reading names out loud for the last 36 hours or so. Hence, “hockey” has been relegated to background noise … even more so than usual.

Since San Jose is (barely) a part of the Bay Area, we figured it’s only right to show the Sharks some love, you know, considering they’re in our subtitle and all.

So, it’s still hockey season. Even more importantly, it’s playoff time in the hockey. Most importantly, the Sharks are still in these alleged play-offs.

Last night, the Red Wings of Detroit defeated the Sharks 3-2 in Game Two of the Western Conference semifinals. Jonathan Cheechoo scored 36 seconds into the game and Joe Thornton added his own a couple minutes later, but the Red Wings scored the next three goals to tie up the series. It was the first time a team in the playoffs has blown a lead.

Our main man Ray Ratto summarized the game as “a moderately embarrassing loss” that was not really worth watching:

In other words, this is about less than even grinding out a win. This is about being persistent enough to hope that the other guy runs into the referee, or trips on a squid, or gets confused by concepts like uniform color. This series has shown no sign yet that incandescent talent will suddenly emerge, unless you want to credit the two goalies. And even then, Nabokov has outplayed Hasek and has no egregious clearing errors to his debit.

And there’s your incandescent hockey update. Game Three is Monday night. Maybe that one will be worth watching. Probably not … but you never know.

In case you missed it, there wasn’t much to miss [SFGate]

God Junior … In Action!

April 29, 2007

It’s almost as if everything is on the youtubes these days … We welcome our new Patrick Willis overlords. He seems strong.