And Next Week, Baseball Will Award Barry Bonds With An Integrity Award

cleveland-indians-logo.jpgThis past weekend, Major League Baseball celebrated the first-ever Civil Rights Game, an exhibition game to be played annually on the weekend prior to Opening Day. The game is meant to honor the trailblazing baseball pioneers of yesteryear … which is a good thing.

The ironic, offensive and “what were they thinking!” part?

The Cleveland Indians, complete with their red-faced caricature mascot logo, took part in the inaugural game against the St. Louis Cardinals:

“Cartoon character imagery like Cleveland’s logo, depicting a wide-smiling Indian, tells other non-Indian people, especially kids, that it’s OK to continue this exploitative mockery,” said Pat Cummins, vice president of the Alliance for Native American Indian Rights of Tennessee. “Native American people have had enough and demand an end to it.”

Now, the debate over Native American-themed mascots is one thing, but to have them play in the Civil Rights Game is a little much, isn’t it?

The Cardinals won the game, by the way. That’s karma, folks.

Another weird thing: the Cardinals only have one black player on their team. And David Eckstein is terrified of him.

Selig’s Uncivil Wrong [NY Daily News]

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