How To Get Rid Of Your Fat Child

34.jpgNo, not like that.

The Moscone Center hosted a convention that showcased an amalgam of fitness and entertainment. The latest products to come out of Silicon Valley are a plethora of fancy, um, things that represent a hybrid between an exercise machine and a video game:

More fitness machines now feature interactive full-body systems, like the MX9, which [fitness director Parrish] Graumann says should appeal to young people who were raised on video games.

“Your body is the joystick,” he said as he danced and moved on the platform that stood beneath a blue ring attached to a terminal with a monitor. “This is a way to take those Nintendo kids and give them a reason to get a sweat.”

Well, we’ll pass on the “your body is the joystick” jokes (too easy), instead opting for a mournful tone. What is our society coming to when we have to trick people into being healthy? Whatever happened to … those halcyon days of youth when kids enjoyed throwing a ball against a brick wall for hours at a time?

Thanks a lot, “technology.”

Silicon Sweat: High-tech, full-body machines merge multimedia and exercise. [SFGate]

2 Responses to How To Get Rid Of Your Fat Child

  1. corneliuscharles says:

    My favorite game growing up was solo “stairball”. Materials: a flight of steps, a tennis ball, a mitt, and an imagination. The 4th and 5th steps on my front stairway had undersides that were two shades darker red than the rest. That was my strikezone. Usually I played the Giants lineup versus the real-life opponent’s lineup. If a car was parked parallel to the sidewalk and curb, then a double was off the near side of the car, a triple off the roof, and a homerun completely over the car. Really, the only way to get a ball passed my defense was to hit a triple or homerun, but even then, I could scale the Volkswagen or Explorer and make a game-saving play. I lived for the balls that perfectly struck the corner edge of the stair and rocketed into the air (a center fielder I am). It was always an unspoken pleasure when the away team came to bat in the top of the ninth with a chance to win, or the Giants in the bottom, because as unbiased as the play had been for 8 or so innings, we (I) all knew the home heroes would triumph again, perhaps through a two-out rally, or an unbelievable error off the foot of the pitcher… In fact, now that I think about it, most of my “unbiased” games growing up had a bit of deception. USA vs Russia, home miniature golf course, the Americans would always win in a “classic last putt”. I guess it makes sense; why have your home team lose in your own game (unless you are a masochist)? Anyways, thanks for letting me get that off my chest Paolo; it feels great.

  2. corneliuscharles says:

    Oh yeah, and great picture accompanying the article. Hilarious! Are those dippin’ dots?

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