Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Mike Cofer?

mikecofer.jpgMike Cofer, aka “Cofer the Gopher,” was the kicker on the 1988 and 1989 San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl teams. He holds the distinction as making the only miscue in the 55-10 romp over Denver in the ’89 game. He missed an extra-point attempt. Jerk.

Though we have to admit that Cofer was a fairly consistent kicker in the late ’80s, he soon fell out of favor with the Niner faithful in the early ’90s. His ineptitude at kicking the little leather oblong-ish thing between the two big yellow poles from short distances pretty much bought his ticket out of town. In 1991, he made only 14 of 28 field goals. 50% is a good percentage for lots of things (like, say, the amount of cool Barrys in the clubhouse), but not as a field goal success rate. He was let go after the 1993 season as a free agent. He resurfaced briefly in Indianapolis during the 1995 season, but his comeback was short-lived.

Mike Cofer [wikipedia]


12 Responses to Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Mike Cofer?

  1. Lisa says:

    well it seems you have never had any experience playing any sport on a professional level at all. You obviously have a short memory after all the 49ers havent had a decent field goal kicker since Mike Cofer not to say that they werent any good but if you had half a clue as to the profession you would notice that the 49ers have never made kicking a priority (which they should) so when Mike Cofer came to the team he soon learned how very unimportant he was after all they never had a holder or decent center to hike the ball for him and if you look back they switched those positons often not like now days where they have people specializing in these positions. So here was a very talented kicker who seems to have lost his drive and since he was a protected player he really couldnt go anywhere else for six years. Thats a long time to put up with people saying how lousy he was and not saying anything back. He was a class act and we were lucky to have him. Because as you know we havent had much luck lately with kickers or keeping on the team. Oh yea also if you ever have tried kicking in the old stadium off of dirt (baseball was still played in the stadium) or with the constant wind you would realize just how well he did.Its always easy to make light of ones ability when one has none.

    • joe frank says:

      after all you are his wife and he isn’t a good race car driver either.

      • Anonymous says:

        Screw all of you Cofer haters! I personally know him and he is a wonderful person with a big heart. He puts his all into the world of sports because that’s what he loves. I would like to see some of you bashers get on the field and kick a field goal with 100% success every time. Or better yet, make that 10%. As humans, we make mistakes and we will never be perfect. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be human. Give the man a break! He got out there and gave it his all not caring what others thought of him. He didn’t let anything or anyone hold him back. Knowing him as well as I do, I can guarantee that he can still kick some ass on the field.
        Mike: If you read this, pay no mind to the insults and put downs. So what if you missed some field goals. After all, how many of the jerks out there that want to criticize you can say that they won the Super Bowl Championship….TWICE!!! You’re awesome, Mike! As an athlete, a father, and a friend. I love ya babe!

  2. Troy says:

    For those of you that think football is the same today as it was during the late 80’s and early 90’s–you’re crazy, and should seek help in the psych ward of the nearest hospital. Nowadays, players will only play if they’re paid enough. Even at positions that only see 2 minutes an entire year. I have had the priveledge of knowing some of these so-called professional athletes, and know that they’ll jump ship at the drop of a dollar bill. I went to college with one of the “best” kickers in NFL history, according to television and what we all read in “Sports Illustrated.” This guy is one of the biggest, arrogant idiots around, and forgot where he came from! I won’t say his name, but he was an idiot back then, and is worse now! He won’t even show up for a fundraiser at his “old” school unless we’ll give him more money than a household here makes in a year.

    For you Mike Cofer bashers—you’d probably like that idiot that has driven the price of tickets up. Just so you know, he volunteers 90% of his personal time to be with his own kids and coach others. He gives his whole heart into bettering the youth of today, just so the rest of us can have somebody to bash when tomorrow comes. He didn’t make the millions that we hear of today, but he ranks up there as one of the best kickers in 49’er history. Candlestick park, if you bashers have ever been there, was in the top 3 worst places to kick in. (Soldier Field and Lambeau Field are in there too). The kicker that followed Mike in Indy, missed a field goal 30 yds to the right in a playoff game, and it was a relatively short attempt. The part that most don’t understand, is that this was in a DOME with no wind. This kicker still makes millions—–Yeah, he’s worth it!

    I’m not a 49’er fan, but if I was, I would start remembering the good times, unlike these fair-weather fans who still live in the days of Ray Wershing(one of the best ever). For you “fair-weather” fans, name one kicker since Ray Wershing that the 49’ers have had that has done worth a crap besides Mike Cofer—-Remember Alex Smith is a QB and doesn’t count. SINCE the Eddie D days, the club is pathetic! His sister and bro-in-law need to relinquish the team — SOON! Or all of you die-hard 49’er fans will wish for someone like Mike Cofer on your team or wish he would come out of retirement! Even at 45, he’d be better than what you have now! He’d probably be a starter somewhere on Defense too, knowing the way he would always attack instead of sit back like most kickers.

    TO THE FAITHFUL: Alex Smith will not bring you a ring—without 21 other players!!

  3. Stella says:

    The NFL was fortunate to have the talent and work ethic of Mike Cofer. He is a class act who played the game with heart. He played with a respect and purity you just don’t see anymore. These players today are more about the “benjamins”, and partying. There are also players that refuse to sign a card for a young fan fearing that by doing so the price will go down . Mike Cofer will sign anything for anyone and is always gracious and humble. Mike Cofer is a tireless promoter of athletics for youth today. He puts in the most time and gives top notch instruction to hundreds of lucky kids in the Vegas Valley expecting nothing in return except a whole-hearted effort from his players. Mike Cofer is a shining example of not only the best kicker the NFL ever had but as a fellow human being. Mike Cofer belongs in the Hall of Fame.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I know mike cofers son:) he is awesome and I love him. Don’t shit talk him<3 NONE OF YOU WERE IN THE NFL SO DON'T BE TALKING!! bye bye

  5. dont worry about it says:

    your a retard. papa cofer is the man and errybody should know it. and his son is studly. so go kick a football and see how that works out for you you nerdy writer.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dec. 11, 1989: 49ers 30, Rams 27 Monday night football

    I was at this great 49ers comeback game. After the game I tried to meet some of the 49er players at their bus out back of Anaheim stadium.

    I asked Mike Cofer for an autograph. He was rude and refused. That was my experience with Mike Cofer. I liked him as a player, but he wasn’t fan friendly.

    • COFER says:


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