Warriors (Got) Beat: Breath Mints 1, Baron Davis 0

alt.jpgBreath mints got Baron Davis ejected from the Warriors too-close-for-comfort 122-117 victory over the Grizzles last night. After getting a quick technical in the first quarter for arguing a call, Baron pounded his fist on the scorer’s table and some breath mints that were on the table there got loose onto the floor, prompting official Steve Javie to think that Baron tossed a jar of candy onto the floor. Javie issued a second technical, thus ejecting the Warrriors’ star guard.

The Warriors hung on though, behind a solid fourth quarter from JRich and a barrage of three pointers throughout the game. They took 36 threes. That’s a lot.

But the player of the night was the youngster Monta Ellis, subbing in for the ejected Davis. Ellis, continuing the learn the point guard position, dropped in a nine-assist, zero-turnover night. Well done, young Padawan. (Sidenote: we can’t wait until Ellis becomes an All-Star for another team after the W’s let him get away.)

What does this mean for the Warriors’ playoff hopes? Unfortunately, not much. They didn’t gain any ground this weekend, with the Clippers winning two in a row as well. The Golden Staters still sit a game and a half out of the final playoff spot.

The good news: the Clippers play three playoff teams in a row: the crosstown Lakers, Nuggets and Mavs.

The bad news: the Warriors have to go on the road to face the Rockets, Grizzlies and Spurs. Nellie has got to figure out a way to snap the Warriors’ road woes; they are 8-28 on the road (second-worst in the league). They absolutely must win at least two of three to keep pace with the ClipShow.

NBA Standings [ESPN]


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