Blogging Opening Day Live

We can’t be there and we can’t watch it, but we can listen to it on the computer and share our thoughts …

4:23: Jon Miller introducing some all-time Giants greats. Leonard, Clark, Mitchell, Blue, Uribe, Thompson. And you know you have an old team when one of the people on the all-time greats team is starting at first base (Aurilia).

4:25: The Giants royalty is introduced separately: Perry, Cepeda, Willie Mac, and then Mays and Bonds together. Let’s try to kiss Barry’s ass a little more, huh?

4:27: Dave Fleming takes the mic and describes the scene. He says it’s a beautiful day. Sigh.

The live blog continues post-jump:

4:36: They say the first at-bat of the year is an indicator of how the season will go. Groundball to Feliz. We’re winning the World Series.

4:40: Double by Giles. Bloop single by Gonzalez. Padres 1-0. You’re welcome for cursing the G-Men.

4:42: Miller just listed off the Giants on the field. It’s a bit surreal: Molina (we still aren’t sure which one), Aurilia (all-time Giants great apparently), Durham (really thought his last year was 2002; now he’s hitting cleanup), Vizquel (still great) and Feliz (stiiiiilllll waiting for that breakout year, Pedro. Whenever you’re ready.)

4:45: Very few opposing pitchers make me nervous because they’re so good. Jake Peavy is one of them. Dave Roberts is a good little leadoff hitter. Aside from Kenny Lofton’s one-year stint, is he the first true-leadoff hitter we’ve had since Brett Butler? Our first three batters–Roberts, Vizquel, Bonds–is actually pretty decent compared to the rest of the lineup, which is, um, crap. As if on cue, Roberts grounds out to first base and Omar strikes out on four pitches.

4:48: Bonds gets jammed but still gets a hit, grounding a ball to the open left side. When was the last time you remember Bonds getting jammed?

4:51: Bonds steals a base, then Durham grounds out but the Pads make an error. Barry gets too greedy and tries to stretch a Padres error into a run. He gets tagged out at the plate. Miller describes Bonds’ traipse as “trying to create old magic on the basepaths.” You never make the third out at the plate. Unless your name is Barry Bonds! Then it’s OK!

4:59: My grandmother is happy Rich Aurilia is back. I wonder how she’ll feel after he leads the league in groundouts to shortstop. Bengie Molina.

5:09: Zito cruisin’. Another quick inning. Because that’s what Zito does. He cruises.

5:14: Roberts’ speed causes Peavy to bobble the ball, allowing Roberts to get on base. Omar fakes a bunt. We love small ball, and with these two guys atop the order, there could be some fun running/bunting/hitting-and-running going on this year. Does anyone know what kind manager Bruce Bochy is? Let’s hope he doesn’t boycott stealing bases like Dusty did.

5:23: Ray Durham makes a diving play. Fleming says he looks healthy and ready to go. We’ll put the over-under injury-date at June 12. You takin’ the over or under? Another hit, another run.

5:31: Things aren’t looking good. Jose “I want revenge” Cruz Jr is at the plate with the bags loaded with one out. Why are they loaded? A Feliz error prevented an inning-ending double play. Bonds “got a late jump” on a fly ball, allowing it to drop in for a single. Zito’s already topped 60 pitches in four innings. He just walked in a run. Good teams make defensive plays and limit their bases-on-balls. These issues won’t go away. Which is bad.

5:34: Hennessey is up in the bullpen, but Zito dodges a bullet by getting Peavy to ground into a 6-4-3 double play. In case you were wondering, the double play is our favorite play in all of sports. Football’s statue of liberty play and basketball’s alley-oop are up there too. You know what’s not? Penalty kicks. Just sayin’.

5:59: Sorry. Got distracted momentarily by Joakim Noah’s eloquence:

6:01: Zito’s done after just five innings. This is our seventy-gabillion-dollar inning-eater? We’re big Zito fans, but …

6:07: Weird. There are still tickets available for tomorrow night’s game. Remember when it was literally impossible to get tickets to Pac Bell? Maybe no one knows about the fireworks tomorrow night. Fireworks, people.

6:17: Jose Cruz Jr with a leadoff triple. Told you so. Also, are we the only ones who kinda miss Felipe Alou?

6:22: Jonathan Sanchez, one of our favorites, takes the mound in relief. Sanchez and Cain could be the Giants’ future. With Cain’s emergence last year, it’s going to be very interesting how Sanchez pitches this year. He has great stuff, but can he be consistent?

6:25: Ugh, wild pitch. Cruz scores. 4-0 San Diego. Sloppy. It’s one thing to have a bad team that learning and playing ball the right way, but it’s an entirely other thing to have an old team that plays sloppily. To review: the Feliz error could have ended the inning earlier. Zito walked home a run. And now a wild pitch allows another run to score. The Giants are losing this game; the Padres aren’t beating them.

6:33: Pedro Feliz strikes out swinging at a breaking ball outside of the strike zone. Jeez, you think you know someone …

6:35: Ryan Klesko grounds into his first of many double plays as a Giant. The Giants are really reaping the immediate rewards of their offseason signings. Through seven innings, 4-0 SD.
6:40: It’s dinner time. Here’s hoping for a comeback. Here’s hoping that this “live blog” cursed the Gigantes and as soon as we stop, they’ll rally in the 8th and 9th innings. We’re seeing a Barry Bonds walkoff homerun to win the game. No, really.


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