Too Much Happening, Need Recap Post

So much going on in the sporting world, so here’s a quick recap of the state of athletic events:

  • Florida beat Ohio State handily to win a second national championship. Greg Oden looked like a 35-year-old man, but he dominated the game, despite OSU’s loss. He finally looked like the franchise center that was advertised. Everytime he dunked, his feet swung up a violent motion. Someone’s gonna get hurt one day. As for Florida, well, we still hold some animosity for those two UCLA beatings, Joakim Noah’s hair/swagger (he had a terrible game, so that made us feel a little better) and the whole state of “Florida,” but we have to give them credit. It’s a feel-good story. The kids eschewed millions of dollars to come back to school and win another championship. And they did. Respec’.
  • The A’s lost 4-0 to Seattle.  Dan Haren pitched well, but a big inning for the M’s (spurred by the second of shortstop Bobby Crosby’s two errors) was all they needed. Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez, 20, looked like a stud in the making: 8 innings, 3 hits, 12 strikeouts. Wow. Just wow. He’ll win a Cy Young soon. Just a feeling.
  • Cheechoo had a hat trick for the Sharkies as they continue to improve their playoff positioning by dominating the Kings, 6-2.

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