Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Rony Seikaly?

p1_seikaly.jpgRony Seikaly, Lebanon’s finest export since cheap olive oil, spent two and a half fine years roaming the paint for the Golden State Warriors. His greasy Mediterranean locks won him many a favor with the ladies, until he married and then divorced Mexican model Elsa Benitez.

The 6’10” center spent 11 solid years in the NBA. Following his two-plus years in Oakland, he went to Orlando and New Jersey, but he never regained the mojo he had as a Warrior. Plus, he once got traded to Utah, but refused to report. We like to imagine Rony talking to Jazz coach Jerry Sloan in the third person: “Sorry Jerry, Rony no coming to Utah. Rony no like Mormons. Rony need booze.”

Rony Seikaly was also a pretty candid guy. When Magic Johnson returned to the NBA all HIV-positive, Rony challenged him to a game of one-on-one to show everyone that HIV is not contagious by touch.

Seikaly hosts an annual golf tournament to benefit cystic fibrosis research. Which is good. The tournament, not cystic fibrosis.

Rony Seikaly [wikipedia]

[Photo courtesy: Sports Illustrated]


8 Responses to Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Rony Seikaly?

  1. corneliuscharles says:

    They were NOT two and a half fine years. I hate Rony Seikaly. If he had a myspace page and I had a myspace page, I would NOT add him as my friend.

  2. corneliuscharles says:

    That chick is hot.

  3. Jade says:

    Indeed, Lebanon’s finest export, sports-wise that is, that olive oil joke was kinda lame, but i’ll let it go. Seikali’s bets kept secret is perhaps why the Nets released him, the reason he parted ways with the Nets was because he played with our national team of Lebanon while injured, which was not appreciated by the Nets’ management, citing “Unprofessional Behavior”, I still have some posters of Rony’s short stay in the national team’s Red and White!!

  4. Jade says:

    “Sorry Jerry, Rony no coming to Utah. Rony no like Mormons. Rony need booze.”

    thats true…. us Lebanese like us some booze very much, we are the only Middle Eastern country to produce booze, and i can say we’ve made some world class Beers, Wines and Araks, better than the olive oil thats for sure 😛

  5. Mike says:

    Okay, so interestingly enough, I googled Rony to see what he was up to lately. I came across this picture of him and Elsa Benitez (one of my fave models) and la-di-da, came upon this article, and more importantly, this question:

    What Happened to Rony Seikaly?

    Funny thing is, if you even ever read this, I can only tell you what he was doing in the summer of 2007, which was the year this question was posed.

    I lived in Miami in 2007, and was a regular fixture in the party scene. So was Rony. To make a long story short, I got to hang with him one day, with a bunch of people (one club owner, one world famous DJ, and assorted party people). It was an awesome time, very surreal. Especially because this one club owner is like 6’10” or so, and Rony being that tall, it was like these two giants and then the rest of us.

    Anyway, he, and the res of us, were doing HEAVY designer drugs at someone’s island crib (I admit I didn’t even know who’s house it was, and I only knew a few peeps at the party – my best friend is a DJs assistant, and I got to tag along all year) and listening to a DJ spin in this guy’s living room all morning. It was crazy.

    It’s not often that you call your parents and tell them that you were up all night partying with Rony Seikaly and his crew.

  6. 7132002 says:

    As if producing booze is something to be proud of.

  7. anen says:

    He went back to the Middle Eastern Dessert that’s what’s up the only good out of there is their women Claudia Lynx, Joumana Samaha, Salma Hayek, Dana Halabi, Hend Sabri so sexy

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