Alcohol Prohibition In Finland Ended 75 Years Ago Today

Some things to consider while thanking your lucky stars you don’t live under a bridge in Florida

  • Nellie’s supersmallball lineup with Al Harrington in the middle has been paying big dividends. It makes perfect sense: move your undersized power forward to the center position. [SFGate]
  • Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky is the newest Giants blogger. God, why doesn’t everyone start a sports blog? [SFist]
  • Barry Bonds wants to wear Jackie Robinson’s retired #42 jersey on April 15 to honor the baseball pioneer. And really, what better person to represent all that Jackie Robinson stands for? [mlb]
  • Ex-Warrior Gilbert Arenas goes down for the year, taking our fantasy team with him. [CNNSI]
  • The new A’s manager is already in hot water. [AthleticsNation]
  • In two games, the Giants have scored three runs and given up 12. That’s not good. Tonight: Matt Morris v. Clay Hensley, 7:15pm.
  • An astronaut plans to run a marathon from her treadmill in space during the Boston Marathon. Her thoughts: “One of the interesting things about sweating or working out up here is that the stuff doesn’t evaporate off you or drop off you … the water just sort of stays on you until it makes a big enough glop that it kind of floats away.” Our thoughts: first the diaper incident. Now this. Astronauts are nuts. [Yahoo!]
  • It’s ok to drive a zamboni drunk. [CNN]

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