Giants’ Salaries, Examined

money.jpgQuick, name the five players who are making the most money this year, in the correct order. And then name the player who makes the least.

Odds are you named the two Barrys (Barries?). Beyond that, you were probably as clueless as us.

It’s interesting that a forty-three year-old that couldn’t find another team this offseason makes five million dollars more than anyone else on the team.

1. Barry Bonds: $15,533,970

Number two is a bit of a surprise…

2. Matt Morris: $10,037,283

Number three, not as much

3. Barry Zito: $10,000,000

Number four makes just as much as our big signing, Zito. Wtf?

4. Armando Benitez: $9,866,219

Number five is a brittle, old second baseman who we just resigned instead of handing the reigns over to the youngster, Kevin Frandsen. We all know that move only works in Major League.

5. Ray Durham: $7,000,000

The biggest shocker after the jump. Who makes the least money? Frandsen? Lance Niekro? Matt Cain? Benchee Mark Sweeney?

Russ Ortiz is the “winner”; he makes $380,000. Last year, Ortiz made over seven million. Go figure.

One Response to Giants’ Salaries, Examined

  1. TP says:

    In a perfect world none of these players would get payed anything until they contributed some pitching/offense/defense.

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