With The Hope Of Getting Greg Oden In The Lottery, The Giants Begin Tanking

baby.jpgWell, this is not a great start.

Here are the facts: the Giants are 1-5. They just got swept by the hated Dodgers at home. The Dodgers have won seven in a row against the Giants, including six in a row at Pac Bell or AT&T or whatever it is this year. Jason Schmidt, Jeff Kent and even Ramon Martinez dominated the weekend.

The Giants are batting .244 through six games. Opponents are batting .287. Four starters (Feliz, Vizquel, Winn, Roberts) are batting .250 or below. They have been outscored 31-14. The Giants are dead-last in runs scored. Barry William Zito has 8.18 ERA.

Tonight: a three-game series kicks off in San Diego. Cain versus Young, 7:05pm.

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