This Would Never Happen At CSM Or Skyline

logond.gifA couple weeks ago, we brought the De Anza rapist-infielder-bad driver story to light. Well, as reported by the San Jose Mercury News, the De Anza baseball team is in a little more trouble:

A young woman has reported that De Anza College baseball players sexually assaulted her at a party months before members of the team were accused of raping another woman at the same house.

“The fact that the allegations involve the same house is “frightening,” Wise said.

Sources close to the investigation say the woman came forward with claims she was raped in December only after sheriff’s deputies began checking a 17-year-old girl’s report that she was assaulted at the house in unincorporated San Jose in March. Investigators said Monday that they first heard rumors about the December party with the players and the woman, who was 18 to 21 years old, during interviews while following up on the March case.

Just more reasons to send your kids off to a four-year college. And of course, to teach them to respect women. Well, all people, really.

Police confirm report of 2nd rape by De Anza men [SJ Mercury News]

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