Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Crazy Crab?

crab_in_action.jpgApologies for not keeping up on the Nostalgia feature. We’ll do better.

In true San Francisco counterculture form, the Giants introduced Crazy Crab in 1984 as the anti-mascot. Unfortunately for the crab and other mascot aficionados, 1984 was not a good year for the Giants. They lost over 90 games, and this website says that the disgruntled fans and grumpy players didn’t exactly embrace the quasi-retarded, semi-flamboyant crustacean with googley eyes. When reading the following quote, read it in the Behind the Music voiceover voice:

Crazy Crab became the object of hatred and abuse. The crowd would hurl all sorts of things at the beast, both verbally and literally, and even players got into the act, dumping drinks and other things into the suit.

Broadcasters Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper, both players during the year of the Crazy Crab, were asked if they ever had trouble with him. Their response: ‘No, we used to drill him with the rosin bag daily, so he was scared of us.’

Crazy Crab only lasted one tumultous year at Candlestick. It would appear that his fate was sealed in 1998, with the introduction of a new Giants’ mascot, Lou Seal (Sidenote: can someone tell me if Lou Seal aka Lucille is male or female?). However, the crab briefly resurfaced last year during the annual Battle of the Bay:


2 Responses to Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Crazy Crab?

  1. bobblebum says:

    Crazy Crab will have two bobblehead nights with the SF Giants.

    July 18th, 2008 Feed the Crab night, special ticket package with bobblehead and beer/crabcake.. Like Giants Oktoberfest

    TBD date for Crazy Crab bobblehead giveaway!!! Check the website for more information.

    Support the Crab!

  2. Bring back the Crab, for heaven’s sake! We love that crazy crab!

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