The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Nothing is funnier than physical comedy … especially when projectiles are involved … and especially when the projectiles are food.

Now, we’ve experienced many a food-tossing at an athletic contest (we’ve never thrown food though; too expensive). One particular incident comes to mind.

The scene: Dodger Stadium, bleacher section, fall of 2000. The crowd: a sea of Dodger fans (who are, well, scary) surrounding a group of eight Giants fans. Foam fingers were torn. Drinks were tossed. Blue bats were said to have been inserted into Barry Bonds’ nether-regions. We were eventually asked to leave for our own protection.

But the crowning moment was after a Bonds homerun. Amidst the flurry of the bleacher section, a plastic container of spicy nacho cheese was hurled from above. We saw it descend, as if in slow motion, the congealed orange goo slowly spilling out into the air. It was coming straight at us … and then kept going right over our head. It landed squarely on a comparatively innocent-looking Dodger fan, wearing a brand-new, sparkling white Dodgers jersey. The cheese exploded on impact, all over the jersey and even worse, into the poor kid’s eyes, prompting a plethora of tears. End scene.

We can only imagine how brilliant it would be if there was video of that unfortunately entertaining incident. So, you can imagine our delight in seeing the following scene at yesterday’s Boston-Anaheim game. The best part, by far, are the ye olde-tyme Boston announcers who basically laugh the whole way. “HERE COMES THE PIZZA! READY? … OH!!”:


One Response to The Best Thing You’ll See Today

  1. HAHAHA says:

    hahahahahaha! ohhh so funny!

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