Giants Roundup: Didn’t Splash Hits Get Retired Three Years Ago?

  • The Homer Watch is heating up: Alex Rodriguez 9, San Francisco Giants 7.
  • Meanwhile, in “real” games, the Giants beat the Cardinals in 12 innings. Barry hit a splash homerun in the bottom of the eighth to send the game into overtime. Jonathan Sanchez looked good. Pedro Feliz had a key error. Rich Aurilia was the other hero, singling in the bottom of the 12th. [SFGate]
  • Lance Niekro has started taking ground balls at third base. Could this mean the end of the Pedro Feliz era? [Scouts Inc]
  • All three Molina catching brothers were in the Bay Area yesterday: Jose with the Angels in Oakland, Yadier with the Cardinals and Bengie with the Giants. You know what that means? Tickle fight! Slumber party!
  • The bad news? Barry Zito is making about $90K per inning pitched. The good news? Jason Schmidt is already on the DL. [Rumors and Rants]

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