Giants Win Fifth Straight, Sweep Arizona

brooms-large.jpgWell, well, well.

Now this is how the Giants are supposed to look.

San Francisco won their third straight close game against the trendy pick to win the division this year, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Barry Bonds hit his NL-leading sixth homerun (he’s tied, but still), and Matt Cain tossed a three-hit complete game, lowering his ERA to a gaudy 1.55. In four starts, that is a really good ERA.

If you add the strong starts of Noah Lowry (2.70 ERA) and Matt Morris (2.00), not to mention Barry Zito (down to a respectable 3.70 after two rough starts to open the year), the Giants starting pitch staff is actually living up to expectations.

The problem, of course, is the anemic offense. The team is among MLB’s worst in nearly every major offensive category, from homeruns (10) to average (.242).

When we delved into the individual stats, we were a bit surprised. After all the criticism Sabaen took for his offseason signings (from “some” hasty writers), the slow and old guys have been the ones producing. Bonds, Rich Aurilia (!), Ray Durham and Ryan Klesko are all hitting over .296. Granted, the power numbers–Barry aside–aren’t where they should be, but those fences are far!

The problem has been the little guys: our beloved Omar Vizquel (.203), Dave Roberts (.214) and Randy Winn (.192) have been god-awful.

But if Bruce Bochy’s Boys can keep putting together 2-1 and 4-2 victories, maybe the lack of offense won’t be a problem, especially considering the little guys can’t be this terrible all year.

Or can they?

Homer Watch: Alex Rodriguez 12, Giants 10

Bonds moves within 15 home runs of Aaron’s record. [ESPN]


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