Giants Roundup: Bruce Bochy’s Deal With The Devil Is Starting To Pay Off

One more Giants post before we direct our full yet slightly divided attention to the Warriors …

  • The Giants won their sixth straight athletic contest last night, milking Matt Morris en route to a 5-3 victory over the hated Dodgers. Morris, taking a three-hitter into the eighth inning, was the latest standout on a Giants pitching staff that has the best ERA in the majors since April 9: an impressive 2.13. [SFGate]
  • Newman! A legless man trying to cross the street on a skateboard was killed by a U.S. Postal Truck yesterday on 3rd and Townsend. Could this be the legless fellow who always asks for money on the bridge outside of Pac Bell? If so, who will we now avoid eye contact with on our way home? [KTVU]
  • Noah Lowry: trade bait? His value might be peaking, and lefty starters are always in demand. Perhaps Lowry could be the beginning of a Carl Crawford package? [McCovey Chronicles]
  • Ryan Klesko in, Pete Happy out. Now that Feliz has been benched two games in a row, next year must be his breakout year. [ESPN Scouts]
  • Are you confident in Armando Benitez (5 for 5 in save opportunities)? The first response pretty much sums up our thoughts on the matter. [The Splash]
  • A Los Angeles reporter wrote a story on how Barry doesn’t like to talk to the media. Original! Shocking! Renegade reporting! [LA Times]
  • Barry Bonds used a big word to describe A-Rod’s recent hot streak. [SFGate]
  • Speaking of Alex, he continues to hold the lead in the Homer Watch: Rodriguez 14, Giants 11.

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