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This week, the internets were all about tonight’s Warriors-Mavs matchup, especially our boy Hollinger’s chat. All in all, it seems like the Warriors turned some heads, but tonight will (help) determine whether or not Game One was a fluke. Here’s what the so-called “experts” are saying:

Joseph, San Antonio: Could it be the Warriors have total psychological control over the Mavs?

John Hollinger: You start to wonder if they’re in Dallas’s heads a little bit. I thought Avery matching up with George was a premature capitulation.

David (Houston): Do you think Dallas will keep a big man on the court for more minutes to shutdown the driving abilities of Davis? It seemed his constant drives to the basket really opened up their 3 point opportunities in the second half due to Dallas’ smaller lineups.

John Hollinger: I expect Dallas to play big much more in Game 2, because what they tried in Game 1 didn’t work. Biggest impact won’t be on Davis’s drives, but at the other end, where a guy like Dampier can dominate the glass and get fouls on Harrington.

Oakland, CA: Warriors or Mavericks? In how many games?

John Hollinger: I said Mavs in 6 before it started. Might end up more like Mavs in 7, but I see no reason to make radical shifts based on one game. Dallas will play better, and I doubt GST will defend this well every night.

Brandon, Phoenix, AZ: Love how people severely overreact after one game. The cream always rises to the top in a seven game series. Take notes Warriors and Nuggets, its a series not one game.

John Hollinger: Hear, hear. We can easily lose sight of this fact after a Game 1 upset. That said, it sure made things more interesting than they looked on Friday.

Barry (Winston Salem): Warriors: 1 year and out of the playoffs, or are they building a contender?

John Hollinger: They’ve had so many lottery picks in the last decade that they almost can’t help but be decent. As for building a contender … much depends on the durability of Richardson and Davis. They need to stay in one piece long enough for guys like Ellis and Biedrins to mature.

todd (san francisco, calif): How can Damp draw fouls on Harrington? Paddle Hands, as Mookie Blaylock used to call him when they played at GST, can’t even catch a pass? Plus, Harrington can pull damp out and hit the J or drive around the clutz.

John Hollinger: He can score when he gets deep position, but more importantly Harrington can’t keep him off the glass. Mavs would probably have to go zone to make it work unless Biedrins was in the game.

Juan (Austin, TX): Is it just me or did Dirk look completely frustrated and confused last night? That doesn’t bode well for the Mavs. I saw no leadership out there.

John Hollinger: It’s one game. Let it go. If he shoots 4-for-16 again in Game 2 then we can start the ripfest.

james (san jose): stop hating on the warriors! saying “its only one game” they’ve owned the MAVS and frankly the warriors are better and more athletic especially with baron controlling the tempo of the game and the series

John Hollinger: This is what happens when your team hasn’t been in the playoffs for 13 years. It was a great game, W’s fans, but let’s not start making plane reservations for round 2 games in Houston just yet.

Dwayne (SF,CA): Alright Marc, you’ve been giving Nellie props all season and I’ll admit you did say they would make the playoffs but do you smell an upset or just a tough 6 or 7 game series?

Marc Stein: Not going to back off the Mavs after one horrific performance. But the Warriors are in their heads. The Mavs aren’t even denying it.

E-40: Tell me how Dallas can stop my Warriors without a legit low-post scoring threat to slow the pace of the game? By the way, GSW will not shoot that poorly in the next game

Marc Stein: You’re right, E. It’s maybe the biggest issue on a growing list of Mavs problems. Dirk can’t post lower because they’ll just keep fronting him and they don’t have another low-post scoring option. Stack and Josh are next in line, but neither one of them is going to punish the Warriors for playing so small. The Warriors come unstuck when someone punishes them down low.

Mike (san jose, ca): Is Baron Davis underrated? I mean he doesn’t get the love Nash gets, but to me I think hes better because he can do so many more things physically than nash

David Thorpe: In one game, Baron is as good as there is in the world-well he can be anyway. Over 82 games tells a different story. In a 7 game series? We’ll see.

Jason (oakland): If the Warriors blow the Mavs out tonight is the series over?

David Thorpe: No-but the Warriors would look like a safer bet. And they could just win by one to accomplish that.

Steve, San jose, ca: How do you still have a job. I am a big warriors fan, and they were the hottest team going into the playoffs and you pick them to get swept. YOu would have to figure they would at least win two games at home. Learn something about the teams before you make stupid picks. Most dallas fans even thought this would be a tough series. I am not saying the warriors will win, but I saw dallas winning in six of seven. You should be fired

David Thorpe: Whatever. Who cares that Dallas fans thought it would be a tough series-did you actually conduct a poll? One team was the best team in the NBA-another made the playoffs on the last night of the season.

Billy (Dallas): What is your prediciton now for the Mavericks Warriors series?

David Thorpe: Mavs in 5 or 6.

Travie (Dallas): Do you think that the Mavs’ NBA leading most efficient offense in the league will once again be stopped by Baron Davis and the mighty Warrior defenders? Or will they return to true form in game 2 of this first round thriller?

David Thorpe: I think they will be closer to the old team.

Mike (Indy): Why is it that Dirk Nowitzski can’t play well against smaller defenders, such as Bruce Bowen and Stephen Jackson?

David Thorpe: He can, of course, but he gets stuck taking nothing but perimeter shots and can’t create easy ones.

2 Responses to The Experts Speak

  1. qtlaw says:

    Thanks. Warriors fans are getting a little over the top because they had the best finish kick of anyone (although others were coasting to playoffs) and they are up 1-0 on the best team in the league. Plus its been 13 years!! As a lifelong Warriors fan (44 years) I love them but have watched enough to know that reality usually hits, especially in a 7 game series. The Mavs should have closed out the Heat last year after beating both the Suns and the Spurs. I think they are too good to go this easily.

  2. kim says:

    This is a really cool website!!! i like it!!

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