Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Dexter Carter?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.In anticipation of tomorrow’s draft, it’s only appropriate we pay respects to the San Francisco 49ers’ first pick in the 1990 draft, Dexter Carter. Unfortunately, he was a bit of a bust as a pro, which is shocking–shocking!–considering that A) he was a 5-9 running back, B) he weighed a buck fifty and C) his name is Dexter.

His career as a backup running back barely lasted seven years, and he retired (and by “retired,” we mean “was released”) in 1996 with 1,042 rushing yards. For some perspective, another running back by the name of Brian Mitchell was taken in the fifth round of that same draft; he ended his 14-year career with 23,316 total yards.

Carter’s legacy probably lies with his weird little helmet (with the two vertical bars that seemed to close to the middle) and his propensity for fumbling the football at the most inopportune times. In the early 90s, perhaps only Mike Cofer evoked more rage in the Bay Area.

Dexter Carter recently returned to his alma mater of Florida State as the running backs coach, which is ironic, because well, what’s he going to teach those kids?

We kid, we kid.

Dexter Carter [wikipedia]


One Response to Nostalgia: Whatever Happened to … Dexter Carter?

  1. Andy says:

    I’m a regular reader, but this was the first time I saw your nostalgia sections. Great stuff! And just when I thought I had read enough of these great players from the past (Walt Weiss?! Parents just aren’t alliterative enough anymore!), you mention Dexter Carter. I was reading, thinking “When’s he going to mention how often this little #$%* fumbled?” Then it appears with a great shout out to Mike Cofer. Remember the old joke, “Mike Cofer tried to commit suicide, but when he tried to hang himself, he missed the chair wide right.”

    Keep up the great work!

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