Hey, It’s Hockey Season!


Now, it’s a particularly busy time around the Bay. The Warriors are on the brink of the biggest upset in NBA history (There, I said it). The Giants found HGH the fountain of youth and are tearing up the National League. The NFL has been reading names out loud for the last 36 hours or so. Hence, “hockey” has been relegated to background noise … even more so than usual.

Since San Jose is (barely) a part of the Bay Area, we figured it’s only right to show the Sharks some love, you know, considering they’re in our subtitle and all.

So, it’s still hockey season. Even more importantly, it’s playoff time in the hockey. Most importantly, the Sharks are still in these alleged play-offs.

Last night, the Red Wings of Detroit defeated the Sharks 3-2 in Game Two of the Western Conference semifinals. Jonathan Cheechoo scored 36 seconds into the game and Joe Thornton added his own a couple minutes later, but the Red Wings scored the next three goals to tie up the series. It was the first time a team in the playoffs has blown a lead.

Our main man Ray Ratto summarized the game as “a moderately embarrassing loss” that was not really worth watching:

In other words, this is about less than even grinding out a win. This is about being persistent enough to hope that the other guy runs into the referee, or trips on a squid, or gets confused by concepts like uniform color. This series has shown no sign yet that incandescent talent will suddenly emerge, unless you want to credit the two goalies. And even then, Nabokov has outplayed Hasek and has no egregious clearing errors to his debit.

And there’s your incandescent hockey update. Game Three is Monday night. Maybe that one will be worth watching. Probably not … but you never know.

In case you missed it, there wasn’t much to miss [SFGate]

6 Responses to Hey, It’s Hockey Season!

  1. Matt says:

    Thornton. With an N.

    Don’t worry, he’s only one of the biggest names in the sport, and the highest profile player the Sharks have ever had- It’s hockey, right?

  2. steve schmid says:

    ha ha ha ha man that is not cool u people are werid freaks

  3. Lexus Oranga says:

    bahaha that’s kife….

  4. Juda Leangint says:

    Heather is sooooo hot

  5. Henry Crumbleton says:

    Shay is too… but yah

  6. Duminda says:


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