Buzz: Along With Contaminated Pet Food, Warriors Fever Slowly Spreading Across Nation

In case you missed the early chats, the Warriors are slowly–slowly!–starting to garner some respect on the World Wide Leader …

Kim: (Dallas, TX): Will the Mavs playoff performance hurt Dirk’s chances of winning the MVP?

John Hollinger: To review, the MVP vote is for the regular season only. All the ballots had been cast before the Mavs-Warriors series started. Which is as it should be. Dirk was the most valuable player in the regular season; he just hasn’t bee in the past four games.

Charles Barkley: I was looking pretty foolish after last night’s game. Any chance the Mavs come back and put those uppity migdets in their place?

John Hollinger: Yes, they absolutely have a chance, because only one of the final three games are in Oakland, and also because Baron Davis is capable of getting injured at any time. But Nelly’s underdog schtick is growing tiresome.

Vin: (Dallas, TX): John, what’s going on with the Mavs? I don’t understand how a team can collapse they have, especially after how well they did in the regular season.

John Hollinger: The Mavs aren’t collapsing; Golden State is playing out of their minds. Look at the run they went on to end the season; this is NOT your typical 42-win team, and if they get past Dallas I would give them great odds if making the conference finals

Alex (Little Rock): I may be jumping the gun here, but Baron Davis Finals MVP?

John Hollinger: That’s not just jumping the gun, that’s more like running the entire race, taking a victory lap and assuming a spot at the medal

Alex (Little Rock): The good thing is that the Mavs can’t blow a 2-0 lead. But they are choking big-time, anyway. And the way the season ended, it sure looked like they WANTED to play GSW. Sounded like a great idea at the time, huh? What do they need to do different to win this series?

John Hollinger
: Alex, I disagree on the “wanting to play GST” thing — I actually think they were hoping GST would pass the Lakers and get the No. 7 spot, which they nearly did. And you can’t just focus on the Mavs here — Golden State has played insanely well since Davis came back, so watching them play well in this series shouldn’t constitute a big surprise. stand before the gun goes off.

Matias, Europe: But even with GS playing insanely well, the Mavs should’ve at least won two out of four. They still are the number one seed!

John Hollinger: The only big mistake Dallas has made was starting George in Game 1. Otherwise, although Dirk hasn’t been playing at quite his usual level, this has been much more about Golden State rising up than about Dallas choking.

Patrick (Warrior Nation)
: Hey John, last week you told me I should cut out the paper in case I needed it for the next 12 years – If I’m not mistaken, we still have as many wins as the Mavs AND Spurs in this playoffs so far.

John Hollinger
: Point taken. It’s turned into an awfully good time to be a Warriors fan. Let’s hope they don’t have to go so long between good times in the future, because that’s a heck of a fan base out there..

James (Arkansas): So if GS beats Dallas, Spurs to the Finals is pretty much a sure thing, right? With the way the Spurs can handle PHX, GS (poor man’s PHX) has no chance against San Antonio – assuming they make it that far..

John Hollinger
: You’re getting way ahead of yourself James. Yes, I believe the Spurs would be elated if Golden State knocked out Dallas, but that doesn’t mean much until they take care of Denver and Phoenix — neither of which is an easy out.

josh (la): John can you explain to me how Golden State seems to make these incredibly lucky shots only against Dallas but is terrible against every other team? Thanks

John Hollinger: If you’re talking about bank shots from halfcourt, remember that Stackhouse made a similar shot in the fourth quarter, so they were even on that front. The fact is that the Davis-Richardson backcourt combo is a handful, and the Warriors surround them with role players who can score.

Marc Stein: John, where are all the Indiana fans now that were saying the GS-Indy trade was better for Pacers? What were they thinking letting steve jack and big al harrington go like that!!!? Off the court actions? Might this be considered the worst trade ever?

John Hollinger: I presume this isn’t actully Marc, but I’ll go ahead and answer anyway: The trade wasn’t nearly as big a deal as people make it out to be. Harrington and Jackson were marginal upgrades on Murphy and Dunleavy; in fact Harrington has been a basket case this whole series. The reason GST is playing so well is because Davis and Richardson are finally healthy at the same time. So why’d I like it for Indy? Because I think Diogu is a real diamond in the rough, and if they move Jermaine you’re going to see what I mean next season.


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