Ladies And Gentlemen, Representing Giants Fans Everywhere …

May 31, 2007

With all the hype that Warriors fans received during the magical Cinderella playoff run, it’s really just a shame that this video has gone national, giving Giants fans everywhere a reason to put their collective heads in their hands.

[via The FanHouse]


A’s Roundup: Haren Tearin’ Up The AL

May 31, 2007

  • Dan Haren continues to be the best pitcher in the league, as the Oakland ace went eight innings to lower his ERA to a gaudy 1.64. How’s that Mark Mulder deal looking now, St. Louis? [SFGate]
  • Haren was actually throwing downhill last night. [Catfish Stew]
  • The A’s injury list just keeps on fluctuating. Milton Bradley returned to the lineup yesterday and Mark Kotsay is slated to return on Friday, but Mark Ellis and Eric Chavez are hobbled with new ailments of their own. [SFGate]
  • The A’s sent down Hiram Bocachica to make room for Bradley’s return to the active roster. All fans immediately responded in the same way: the A’s had someone named Bocachica? [The Drumbeat]
  • Is it just us, or is the A’s wooing of Fremont the most underreported story in the Bay? [New A’s Ballpark]
  • “The Black Aces” were honored the other night. Of the mere 13 black 20-game winners, three did it in Oakland: Dave Stewart, Vida Blue and Mike “Don’t Call Me Chuck” Norris. [Official Site]
  • Speaking of Stew, he’s just about had enough of this Roger Clemens hoopla. [Throwin Heat]
  • More “xtreme” baseball coverage! [100% Injury Rate]
  • You know, this Jason Giambi fella …. well, it’s probably best he left the Bay. [Edge of Sports]

Seems About Right

May 30, 2007


A big thank you to the best Giants blog on the Internets, McCovey Chronicles.

Start Your Engines

May 30, 2007

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We’ve never liked Kobe.

But you know, with all this trade-demand talk, it’s hard not to fantasize about the Black Mamba in Oakland.

Originally, we thought there’s absolutely no way that the Lakers would trade him, let alone to a division “rival.” However, the Clippers have frequently popped up as a possibility, as have other Western Conference teams like Dallas, Portland and Houston. Of course, it’s all speculation/fantasy at this point, but how would a deal with the Warriors look?

Possibility #1: Kobe Bryant for Jason Richardson, Monta Ellis and Al Harrington:: Warriors get a lineup of Baron, Kobe, Jackson, Biedrins and someone else (Barnes? Pietrus? Diogu? Oh, right). The Lakers could trot out some combination of JRich, Monta Ells/Jordan Farmar, Lamar Odom, Harrington and Andrew Bynum.

A (healthy) Baron/Kobe backcourt immediately becomes the best guard combo in the league and though the Warriors would be very, very thin down low, it’s an immediate and drastic upgrade.

Plus, Nellie would definitely stay for the fun of it.

And if you’re the Lakers, why not? You get a top-10 shooting guard in JRich and a versatile big man who can shoot away in Phil’s triangle offense. Odom and Walton can still do the majority of the ball distribution and Ellis gives them the athletic guard that has been missing from the Lakers since God knows when.


(P.S. Until he’s in a Warrior uniform, we still officially despise Mr. Bryant)

Trade Machine [ESPN]

[Photo courtesy: BBC]

Whaddya Gimme For …

May 30, 2007

… Giants outfielder Randy Winn and midget-actor-man Tony Cox?

Armando Benitez: A Rant

May 30, 2007

Last night, the Giants had a chance to pull off their biggest win of the year in a hostile environment against the best team in the league.

The crowd was dead.

It was late.

The game had “jumped the shark” after the Bonds cameo.

Once Omar Vizquel scored, the collective life of the crowd was sucked out of Shea.

Until …

Armando Benitez stepped out of the bullpen and onto the field.

New Yorkers went crazy.

They were cheering.

Amidst an impenetrable sea of enthusiastic high-fives and radiant smiles, they instantly knew the game was theirs. Shockingly, Armando walked the first batter–who happened to be Jose Reyes, the most dangerous baserunner … alive. As soon as the first balk was called, Armando threw up his hands like a 10-year-old version of Job, as if to say “God, why are you picking on me? I hate you!!! Phooey on all you meanies!!!”

Watching Reyes mess with Armando’s head was like watching Ashton Kutcher “punk” someone like Lindsay Lohan when she’s passed out drunk: it was just too easy. The crowd was relentless and it was only a matter of time until Reyes scored and someone else hit a homerun. That someone else turned out to be Carlos Delgado, the living embodiment of Pedro Cerrano.

Which leads us to our rant…

How is Armando still on the team, let alone our closer? He’s a misguided misogynist* who consistently fails his teammates and fans. In addition to his shortcomings on the field, his polarizing quotes have made him Public Enemy #1 in the Bay Area, a fan favorite in the greater tri-state area and a proponent of the Darfur genocide*.

The worst part about this situation is that as Giants fans, we were treated to years of Robb Nen, the ice-cold warrior who literally gave his career to the Giants when he threw out his arm during the 2002 World Series. Nen was a class act who was active in the community** and always said the right thing. Plus, for a solid five years or so, he was among the best closers in the game.

And now, there’s Armando.

As the above picture can attest, every time he steps on the mound, it’s just a matter of time before he bends over for the other team***.

*we made this up


***almost certainly

Barry Mania Goes To New York

May 29, 2007


In New York, there are many papers.

It’s the media capital of the world.

This morning, just about every daily has an article about Senor Bonds and surprisingly, the media is kind of on Barry’s side. Mostly. A little.

Newsday points out how Bonds has never been pulled over for a DUI or anything of that ilk, and he has the opportunity to “win a measure of respect from society and the baseball planet, if not love” by making a heartfelt apology.

The Post highlights the hypocrisy of Mets fans, who will undoubtedly boo Bonds throughout the three-day set yet embrace Guillermo Mota, who–in a stunning stroke of coincidence–returns from a 50-game steroid suspension today.

Finally, the Daily News interviews the Mets’ elderstatesman, Tom Glavine. The always well-spoken Glavine had a pretty sensical take on the “cloud of suspicion” over this generation of players: “I guess because I know I haven’t done anything, and because I’m pretty certain 99.9% of the people who follow this game know I’ve never done anything, I’ve never really worried about it.”

Even got into the act with a disturbing article about Bonds’ safety during his quest. Let’s not talk about that right now.

Come clean with all-time apology [Newsday]

Hypocrisy: Booing Bonds as Mota returns [NY Post]

Tom delivers on Barry [Daily News]

So just how safe is Barry? [ESPN]