Giants Roundup: Tim Lincecum Is The New Black

  • The Gigantes go for two in a row tonight against the Rockies. Last night, the Rockies’ strategy of walking Bonds backfired dearly as Peter Happy (aka Pedro Feliz) is making it his personal mission to prove himself to the fans … and to make us look silly for ever doubting him. Sorry, Pedro. For now. For now. [SFGate]
  • In today’s Tim Lincecum-raderie, the Giants said they have absolutely no intention in bringing in the superstud Triple-A youngster to the majors in a relief role. The dilemma with this situation is that the Giants’ rotation of Zito, Ortiz, Lowry, Cain and Morris is firmly set, not to mention one of the best in the majors, but Lincecum is absolutely dominating the minors. Meanwhile, the bullpen is shaky, despite their success during the recent hot streak. Personally, we like the Giants’ stand on keeping him a starter. What say you? [SFGate, second item]
  • Want more Lincecum (who, we remind you, has an ERA of 1.29) bandwagon fodder? Here’s what Ryan Wilkins of has to say on the matter: “One month into the 2007 season, however, there can be no debate over the identity of the best pitcher not currently donning a Major League uniform. It’s the right-hander from Washington who scouts have come to call “Seabiscuit.” Since entering the Minors last summer, he’s been more dominant than Danny Almonte against a group of 12-year-olds.” Yep. []
  • In Jason Stark’s excellent April recap, Matt Cain got the award for “Pitcher who deserves a written apology from his team.” Stark cites Cain’s unimpressive 1-2 record, despite giving up “one hit, two hits, three hits (in a game in which he took a one-hitter into the ninth) and one hit, respectively” in his last four starts. Also, neither David Wright or Alfonso Soriano hit a homerun all month. Weird. [ESPN]
  • In his career at the plate, Barry Zito is 1 for 40. [SJ Mercury News]
  • Kirk Radomski, the former Mets employee and admitted steroids dealer, met with the federal grand jury that is currently undertaking the Barry Bonds perjury probe. Bonds’ lawyer says his client has nothing to do with Radomski. We’ve been rough on Bonds around here, but (as Joe Morgan said on the radio earlier today) involving Bonds in this latest mess does seem like a bit of a witch hunt. [NY Times]
  • Speaking of this latest steroid revelation in New York, John Feinstein of the Washington Post sums up the whole mess as an era to forget. We agree; we’re going to go watch Field of Dreams to remind us how pure baseball should be. (Hey, can you imagine someone redoing that movie in 80 years with Barry Bonds as Shoeless Joe? We smell a future blog topic …) [Washington Post]
  • Well Giants fans, it looks like all those years of stabbing your Salomon Torres voodoo doll might finally be paying off. [Post-Gazette]

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