Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … J.J. Stokes?, we reserve this feature for players a bit more obscure than the likes of J.J. Stokes, but Stokes is a special case.

Using the 10th pick in the 1995 draft, the 49ers drafted the UCLA wideout with high expectations. Stokes’ 6-4, 225 frame dominated Pac-10; with Steve Young throwing to him, he was expected to be the heir apparent to Jerry Rice. Well, in his eight years as a Niner, Stokes pouted his way to dozens of dropped balls, while another young wide receiver by the name of Terrell Owens worked his way into the starting lineup alongside Rice. As TO gained a reputation as one of the best young wideouts in the game, Stokes became best known for getting spit on.

After the 2002 season, the 49ers released Stokes, which we vaguely remember. What we don’t remember is what happened next. Stokes fell off the face of the earth. Apparently, he signed with the team from “Jacksonville.” After spending the first half of the 2003 season with the Jags, he was signed by New England for the stretch run. He was released soon thereafter.

His Wikipedia entry reads as follows: “Although he is not retired, Stokes last played in the NFL in December 2003.” Prior to the 2006 season, he announced his desire to play in the NFL again. Got that? He’s not retired yet. He just hasn’t played for three years. Any takers?

J.J. Stokes [Wikipedia]


9 Responses to Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … J.J. Stokes?

  1. DJ THrope says:

    jj stokes is poop- shitty

  2. 49erTruth says:

    Dozens of dropped balls?? Are you referring to TO or JJ? As far as I can recall, TO was the butterfingers, not JJ. I don’t think you remember your 49er history well, JJ never dropped a single ball. And pouting? Again, you have the wrong guy. Don’t hate because you couldn’t make highschool varsity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea for real, the 90s niners with TO, JR, JJ dominated. I don’t remember JJ being known for dropping any balls or whining, there was more of a TO thing but they all were great in their time.

  3. rick says:

    I do believe somebody’s got there info all wrong,jj stokes was and still is the man, and not because i went to school with him,i think the 49ers made a huge mistake by cutting stokes , a great guy from what i remember and a even better athlete than, t.o punk ass

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  7. Rob says:

    Don’t forget JJ Stokes won a Super Bowl ring in 2002 with the Pats. He wasn’t active on that day but he did contribute in two games late that season.

  8. JJ was the man. Believe it or not, I still have his #83 Jersey made by Wilson. I still wear it and so proud of it not because of 49ers but for JJ himself as the MAN, much better than whining TO.

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