Giants Roundup: And A Happy Birthday To Mr. Mays

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  • We’d be remiss if we didn’t wish Willie “Say Hey” Mays a happy 76th birthday. He was, hands down, the best all-around player in the history of the game. If you ever need a reminder of the purity and joy that baseball should be associated with, just think of Willie.
  • A recent poll suggests that black people are nearly twice as likely to think Barry Bonds has been treated unfairly. The poll also determined that Eskimos were the only people who wanted to see more episodes of ESPN’s Bonds On Bonds. [ESPN]
  • With the Mets coming to town tonight, Giants fans will see a familiar face roaming the outfield: Senor Moises Alou, professional hitter. We always liked Alou and are firm believers that the man could hit .300 until he’s 55 years old. Today, Alou revealed he’s glad to be free from the media presence that comes with being a Bondsian teammate, but said Bonds might be the best hitter the game has seen. [Newsday]
  • Scott Ostler’s column on the “hope, youth and fire” that accompanied the Tim Lincecum debut is a must-read. An excerpt: “When was the last time a Giants debuting rookie lit up the place like Lincecum? Some say Will Clark carried a similar buzz. I’m thinking you have to go back further, to May of 1951, when the Giants (then in New York) called up Willie Mays.” [SFGate]
  • The folks behind the Chronicles of Willie Mac have some preliminary thoughts on last night’s game, including Lincecum’s noticeable drop in velocity and the Phillies’ own young stud. [McCovey Chronicles]
  • For a nationally televised game, Bochy shook up the lineup more than expected, though it makes sense with the Giants’ lack of an offday for a while. Frandsen started at third, Feliz was in left and Linden took center. Our man Omar’s recent hot streak (errr couple games with a hit) boosted him back to the two-hole in the lineup.
  • Phillies starter Freddy Garcia was injured while running to catch a fly ball in batting practice at Pac Bell. He ran into a grounds crew cart and could miss tonight’s start. The good news is that after he hurt himself by running into the cart, they just put him on the cart and took him to the locker room. [The Seattle Times]
  • Tonight, it’s a battle of the lefties as Barry Zito (2-3, 3.52) goes against Oliver Perez (3-2, 3.41) at Pac Bell.

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