Don Nelson Has To Be Sober From Now On

But not because of the Game One defeat.

No, the NBA said that Nelson can no longer bring his beloved can of Bud Light to the postgame press conferences. The news comes on the heels of Josh Hancock’s drunk driving death. Dead people ruin it for everyone.

So, you shan’t be seeing Nelson sip and sigh and reflect, as in the below clip. Just sighs and reflections from now on, folks.

As for our take on the matter, well, you can’t stop any superstitions during a hot streak. A superstition broken? Just add it to our list of worries.

NBA Says Don Nelson Can’t Take Beer Into Interviews [Bloomberg, via The FanHouse]

2 Responses to Don Nelson Has To Be Sober From Now On

  1. dimmykarras says:

    Nelson has always looked like a guy who liked to booze a little bit, and it’s been nice to see my suspicion confirmed of late. Of course the image-conscious NBA would crack down on this. At least Nellie is watching his weight with the Bud Light.

  2. baymud says:

    nelson is a winner off and on the court with or without light beer….comments like dimmey’s belong with the sludge at the bottom of the bay…..

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