Last Night Was Choke Night In The Bay was a rough night in the Bay, full of choke jobs …

The Warriors missed three keys free throws down the stretch when just one would have put the game away. They did not make one field goal in the closing minute and did not get one stop either. Utah made every single clutch shot they had to, as the Warriors eventually got killed in overtime.

The Giants, with the help of your Armando Benitez, blew a 3-2 eighth inning lead. Todd Linden and Ray Durham did their best Bad News Bears impression as they botched a pop-up in shallow right field. Benitez handled the rest, giving up a two-run double to David Wright and the Giants lost 5-3. Well, now that Armando is blowing saves again, the universe is once again at peace.

Even the A’s got involved. The Royals’ Mike Sweeney hit a two-out, two-run homerun in the bottom of the eighth to give Kansas City a 3-2 victory.

And we don’t want to talk about it.

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