Have We Seen The Last Of The Boom-Rich Backcourt?

https://i1.wp.com/images.tsn.ca/images/stories/20070412/Warriors_63665.jpgSo, the Warriors’ situation ain’t looking so hot. They let another game slip away last night, thanks to their now-trademark free throw shooting woes, rebounding incompetence and refusal to play Adonal Foyle. By our (slightly-biased) count, it was the third winnable game of this Jazz series that slipped through the cracks.

But the bigger story might be the potential losses of Baron Davis and Jason Richardson in Game Five.

With under a minute left in the game, Baron appeared to send an unnecessarily harsh elbow to the head of Derek Fisher, the feel-good story of the playoffs. Fisher proceeded to stay in the fetal position for a solid five minutes. A commenter on Deadspin summed up Baron’s stupid move best:

Hey Baron . . . classy move . . . at least no one saw you cheap shot daughter with cancer guy, human interest story of perseverance under trying times, Derek Fisher . . . oh wait, that’s right, everyone saw it

A couple seconds later, Mehmet Okur went up for a dunk in garbage time and Jason Richardson knocked him down with a hard foul. J-Rich was issued a flagrant-two foul, which is grounds for automatic ejection.

Our take is that Baron’s hit was much worse than J-Rich’s foul, because the elbow was (seemingly) random. At least J-Rich’s foul was the result of hometown pride; he was merely trying to defend the basket to prevent Okur from dunking at the end of an embarrassing loss in front of a home crowd. If suspensions are issued, we would be shocked–shocked!–if J-Rich was punished.

Baron, on the other hand, needs to stop listening to that damn Id Beard of his.

Odds that Baron gets suspended: 2 to 1.

Odds that J-Rich gets suspended: 10 to 1.

Odds that the Warriors win the series: 25 to 1.

Odds that Matt Barnes gets a tattoo tonight: 12 to 1.

Odds that Nellie is sober tonight: 3 to 2.

Odds that Stephen Jackson get arrested in Utah after a Game Five loss: Even.


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