Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Darren Lewis? Lewis was a Bay Area kid.

He was born in Berkeley, went to Cal, was drafted by the A’s in 1990 and went on to have his best years as a Giant in the early 90s.

Coming to the Giants in 1991, he filled the void in center field left by Brett Butler (unless you happen to be a big Mike Felder fan … Mike Felder!). Lewis’ speed and Gold Glove-caliber defense kept him atop the Giants’ lineup for over four years. Lewis went a record 392 without an error and won a Gold Glove in 1994. He was such a model citizen and all-around good guy that manager Dusty Baker named his son after him. The Giants traded him, among others, in the 1995 trade that brought Deion Sanders to the Bay for a couple months.

After his stint with the Giants, Lewis bounced around the league a bit, making pit stops in Cincy, Chicago and Los Angeles, before finally finding a home in Boston, where he had several good years. In 2002, he traded from the Cubbies to the Pirates but never played for them.

According to this site, in his last major league at-bat, Darren Lewis popped out on a bunt attempt, which would pretty much be the exact opposite of hitting a game-winning homerun on your last at-bat.

Darren Lewis [Wikipedia]

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