Are You A Bandwagon Fan? Prove It: Name That Obscure Warrior.

OK, kids. We all know that some many Bay Area residents have hopped on the bearded bandwagon. While it’s nice to have fans (like Miss Alba, who isn’t even a bandwagoner anyway, since she’s a friend of Baron’s), we could do without “the subpar normal NBA crowd.” To prove your worth, match the obscure Golden State Warrior with his correct description. Answers to come later this afternoon.

A. Rusty LaRue

B. John Starks

C. David Wood

D. Tim Legler

E. Victor Alexander

F. Muggsy Bogues

G. Brent Price

H. Todd Lichti

I. Benny Johnson

J. Ansu Sesay

K. Vinny Del Negro

L. Uwe Konstantine Blab

M. Geert Hammink

N. Aaron Miles

O. Keith Jennings

P. Danny Fortson

Q. Chris Porter


1. Lefty swingman who filled in admirably during the injury-plagued 2004-05 season.

2. Big ugly white guy who averaged 5.5 points per game while playing in 78 games during the 1994-95 season. Brian Cardinal’s prototype.

3. Totally made up.

4. Led the team in assists during the 1997-98 season

5. Former Kansas star point guard made the team coming out of training camp in 2005, backing up Baron Davis and Derek Fisher

6 . Stanford grad, 6’4″ shooting guard who grew up in the East Bay. Spent most of career in Denver but played five (5!) games for the Warriors in 1994.

7. Second round 2001 draft pick out of Auburn who had some legal trouble and never brought his high-flying game to the NBA

8. 7’1″ center from Germany. Averaged 2.1 points in 40 games in 1989-90

9. Fourth-string point guard out of Wake Forest who somehow snuck into four games during the 2003-04 season at the age of 30.

10. 5’7″ point guard who played for three years in the NBA, all with the Warriors. Career averages: 6.6 pts, 3.7 assists.

11. Longtime Spur and suave sharpshooter who came to the W’s in 2001 for 29 games.

12. With a paltry 13.8 points per game, led the 1999 Warriors in scoring.

13. Just the finest seven-foot tall Golden State Warrior to hail from the Netherlands.

14. Warriors 1st round pick in 1991 Draft. Spent four years in Oakland as a backup center in early 90s.

15. Former three point specialist had two separate stints with the Warriors, in 1993-94 and 1999-2000.

16. In 2001-02, averaged a whopping 11.7 rebounds per game, good for fourth overall in the league.

17. Never a Warrior.

[Image via GSoM]


17 Responses to Are You A Bandwagon Fan? Prove It: Name That Obscure Warrior.

  1. B says:

    Rarely do I respect someone based purely on their looks, but J Alba is impeccable. Go Warriors! We got it tonight.

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  3. When you’re wearing hot boots like that, you can root for whoever you damn well please

  4. Oh, and here you go. No bandwagon here:

    1. J. Ansu Sesay
    2. C. David Wood
    3. I. Benny Johnson
    4. F. Muggsy Bogues
    5. N. Aaron Miles
    6. H. Todd “soft-ass” Lichti
    7. Q. Chris “Baby Baby Jordan” Porter
    9. A. Rusty LaRUUUUE
    10. O. Keith “MISTER” Jennings
    11. K. Vinny Del NEEEGRO
    12. B. John Starks
    13. M. GEERT!
    15. D. Tim Honkey Legler
    16. P. Danny Fortson
    17. G. Brent Price (Mark was the Warrior)

  5. Kenny says:

    Excellent list, but no Big Vic Alexander weight jokes for old times sakes? Also Chris Gatling wants to know why he’s not on the list of crappy ex-Warriors.

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  7. kris says:

    don’t forget byron houston, alton lister, mike smrek, terry teagle, rod higgins, mario elie, sarunas marciulonis, and tommy tolbert

  8. kris says:

    btw teagle and sarunas not crappy but somewhat obscure. elie and terry cummings are guys known but for other teams, like del negro. and manute bol? how could i forget bol.

  9. Mike White says:

    N.5. K.11. F.4. P.16.

    That’s all I can claim to know.

  10. ricknwillie says:

    ansu sesay didn’t fill in admirably. he only played 16 games. trick question!

  11. Extra P. says:

    That’s not fair… nobody should ever have to know things about Rusty LaRue.


    And big ups to the Byron Houston reference.

  13. Also, shoulda mentioned the Colorado center that was the third of their 1991 first round picks that NEVER suited up in the NBA.

  14. Say Hey says:

    Ah yes, the great Shaun Vandiver.

  15. Panger says:

    I readily admit this was a one-night stand. And even though the sheets are still warm, I know it’s over. But I wouldn’t say no to another visit.

  16. cuzoogle says:

    awesome post, I did one earlier in the year for the Toronto Raptors when the bandwagon was getting to full of fans who did not go through the painful years.

    sorry for the loss last night, I was really pulling for them.

  17. xan566 says:

    yo good website

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