Nostalgia: Giants-Astros, 15 Years Ago

Nolan Ryan in Atlanta.jpg

With the Giants currently engaging in a quick three-game set in Houston (starting tonight, not last night), we thought we’d take this opportunity to remember those halcyon days of yesteryear, when the Astros still donned rainbow jerseys and played in the Astrodome (on Astroturf and everything!). Hank Greenwald would be calling the game on channel two. Matt Williams was just coming into his own, as were Royce Clayton and D-Lew.

Fifteen years ago, the 1992 Giants were mired in what would turn out to be a rough season. It would be Roger Craig’s last year at the helm. That magical 1993 pennant race was a year away for these fifth-place Giants. The Astros, under a familiar face (Art Howe), were mediocre as well, finishing a solid 81-81.

On Monday, April 20 1992, these two behemoths met. These were the starting lineups. Funny how fifteen years ain’t that long; some guys never run out of gas.

Oh, and the Giants lost 3-2.

Houston Astros

2B Craig Biggio

CF Steve Finley

1B Jeff Bagwell

LF Luis Gonzalez

RF Pete Incaviglia

3B Casey Candaele

C Eddie Taubensee

SS Rafael Ramirez

P Mark “Giant Killer” Portugal

The Giants’ lineup after the jump…

CF Darren Lewis

RF Willie McGee

1B Will Clark

3B Matt Williams

LF Kevin Bass

2B Robby Thompson

C Kirt Manwaring

SS Royce Clayton

P Dave Burba

April 20, 1992 [Baseball Reference]

One Response to Nostalgia: Giants-Astros, 15 Years Ago

  1. B says:

    You made my day by bringing up Mark Portugal. What ever happened to…?

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