Barry Bonds’ Brother Can’t Understand Why Everyone Is Being So Mean To Barry

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Remember how Bobby Brady always used to follow Greg and Peter around, trying to get involved in their wacky schemes, voicing a complaint or two in the process? Well, that phenomenon apparently applies to the lesser known family members of steroid-users trying to get attention as well. We had Ozzie Canseco earlier, and now this…

For today’s hilarious unintentional humor, we bring you Bobby Bonds Jr., little brother to our lovable Barry. Bobby Brady Bonds Jr., who had “warning-track power” in his playing days, drives a forklift when not displaying his baseball knowledge. In an interview with the Newark Star-Ledger, Bonds Jr. revealed that he thinks everyone is being too darn mean to his brother:

“Cut the steroids out, just look at my brother as a human being. He stole bases, he ran, he caught the ball … It’s so hard to justify what’s going on with baseball and how they’re treating him.”

“I’m really proud of my brother,” Bobby Bonds Jr. told the Star-Ledger. “It’s unfortunate that reporters take it to another level and not just look at him as a human being who loves the game. I don’t care if it’s negative or positive, at least in the history books, they’re going to know our last name!”

As much as we like the description of Barry’s career (“He stole bases, he ran, he caught the ball”), it’s that last sentence that really puts Bobby Jr. out in la-la land. Oh yes, your last name will be known. And you know the reporter totally put that last exclamation point in there to make the quote seem that much more ridiculous.

Barry Bonds’ brother upset with Aaron over snub [ESPN]

2 Responses to Barry Bonds’ Brother Can’t Understand Why Everyone Is Being So Mean To Barry

  1. winstolv says:

    Who is paying off GREG Anderson?

    George Mitchell & ESPN-Disney?

  2. Nick says:

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    The show on Wednesday, July 25, will feature a panel discussion of esteemed sports experts. As part of the show, audience members are encouraged to ask questions and comment on the positive and controversial aspects of Bonds, his legacy and the homerun record.

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