So, Now What?

The clock finally struck midnight for Cinderella last night, as the Warriors’ magical run came to a close at the jazz hands of the Utah.

The 100-87 defeat capped off a frustrating series for the Warriors. All in all, the Jazz were just too big and strong for them and like a big offensive line in football that seems to gain momentum come the fourth quarter, Boozer and Co. just wore out the Warriors as the games went on.

So, what now?

The Warriors’ front office has to decide a couple things:

1. Was the Dallas series merely a perfect storm? That is to say, was it just a best-case scenario for the Warriors? Nellie knew the Mavs, Baron and JRich had their way with the small guards, etc, etc. For example, if the Warriors got swept by the Spurs, Suns or even the Jazz in the first round, would there be more of an impetus to shake things up?

2. Pietrus, Barnes or neither? They play (almost) the same role in Nellie’s system. Both are going to be free agents, but with big contracts already on board (Baron, JRich, Foyle) and new contracts on the horizon (Monta, Biedrins), there’s no way Mullin can keep both. Pietrus has the higher ceiling, but Barnes never takes a night off like MP2.

3. Trade Baron? Think about it: his value will never, ever be higher. Yes, he’s the heart of the team with a system that is made for him. Yes, he’s single-handedly responsible for resurrecting the franchise into Bay Area relevance. Yes, the Beard has reached iconic status. Buuuuut … he had a similar breakout campaign a couple years ago with the Hornets, he’s never going to shake the injury concerns, and five of the top six teams in the upcoming draft (Memphis, Boston, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Portland) need a point guard. Throw in some teams who might be interested in trading a star player (like a Garnett) and you have the makings for some interesting scenarios.

4. Trade Richardson for a big man? This option is less drastic and has actually been tossed about a bit already, with Darko and Gasol mentioned as options. If you ask us, you can’t trade JRich, not after all he’s done for us fans.

[And the answers to earlier trivia: 1-J, 2-C, 3-I, 4-F, 5-N, 6-H, 7-Q, 8-L, 9-A, 1O-0, 11-K, 12-B, 13-M, 14-E, 15-D, 16-P, 17-G]


7 Responses to So, Now What?

  1. sfgfan says:

    I don’t think they have to trade either Davis or Richardson. Both are captains of the team, and both are the heart of it.

    If Baron gets traded away, who runs the offense? Ellis has drastically improved, but can he limit his turnovers? No one on the team has the ball-handling (and dishing) capabilities that Davis has.

    As you said, Richardson has done a lot for the fanbase and community as a whole. He lives int he Bay Area, and has stuck with the team through thick and thin. Getting rid of him would be like the 49ers letting Bryant Young go after all these years.

    As for Barnes and Pietrus. Where can they possibly go that will complement them as well as this team has/will? Would either be willing to take pay cuts to stay somewhere they can be successful? Or will the influence of greater money just be too big? I like both players, and I hope both end up staying. Take one for the team, if you will.

  2. Say Hey says:


    Agree on the Ellis/Davis point. At this point in his career, Ellis is not ready to run the offense. He obviously had a great, great year, but even when he was playing well in the regular season, I never really thought he consistently flowed with the offense. He’s not so much a playmaker (like BD) as a scorer … at least right now.

    At the same time though, selling high is the name of the game, and I’d guess that this is as high as BD’s stock is going to get. It’s a shame that Oden/Durant have become so hyped up though, since now there’s now way a Boston/Memphis/whomever trades one of the top two picks.

    Agreed on the Barnes point, but …

    Would you say that Pietrus has been successful here? It’s a good system for him, and he’s certainly had his shining moments, but this was is fourth year here and we’re still waiting for a breakout campaign.

  3. stan says:

    There’s no way that Memphis or Boston trades out of 1/2. That Atlanta pick will most likely go to the Suns. Might as well, anyway, in the context of a possible BD trade. The Hawks seem like they’re allergic to point guards.

  4. sfgfan says:

    Say Hey:

    I definitely agree that we (as well as the world) is still waiting for Pietrus to break out. The guy has the physical ability, and has shown flashes of what he could do. He just really needs to show that he can do it day in and day out, instead of taking plays (and oftentimes, nights) off.

    So yeah, He hasn’t really had success, per se. But the system works for him, if he’s willing to work for the system.

    I also understand the idea of selling high. It just doesn’t make much sense to me to sell high if the person you’re selling is by FAR the best player on your team. I know Davis’ stock probably won’t be much higher than it is right now, but its like that for a reason. If he can stay healthy (which hasn’t been written in stone that he can, but he’s making improvements), he’s probably one of the better all-around point guards in the league. Maybe it’s just the fanboy in me speaking, but I just don’t see him going.

  5. Matt says:

    How bout J-Rich for Okur? I know he’s not very tough but he could shoot mad 3s in Nellie Ball?

  6. sfgfan says:

    That trade would be a steal for the Warriors, on paper. But what would it do to the team’s fanbase? He’s not a very tough big, but he’s a big nonetheless. Rule of thumb: you don’t trade bigs for guards. Especially if the big can play like a small.

    In other words, I think it would take a lot more than J-Rich to pull Okur in a trade. When does his contract expire anyway?

  7. sfgfan says:

    I forgot to mention, Okur isn’t fast either. Could he keep up with the running 82 games of the year?

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