Some Salt For Your Wounds

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Today, there have been some thoughts on the upcoming NBA draft, both here on Say Hey and elsewhere around the interwebs. We’re going to put together a little Warriors-centric preview soon, but with the bruises still fresh from the incessant inside pounding the Jazz put on the Warriors, here are some depressing draft-related and Jazz big men-related facts for your consideration:

  • In the 1999 draft, the Jazz took Andrei Kirilenko with the 24th pick. The Warriors took Jeff Foster (who was immediately traded for Vonteego Cummings) with the 21st pick.
  • In the 2001 draft, the Pistons took Mehmet Okur with the 38th pick. The Warriors took Troy Murphy with the 14th pick. (Though they also snagged Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas)
  • In the 2002 draft, the Cavs took Carlos Boozer with the 35th pick. The Warriors took Mike Dunleavy with the 3rd pick and Steve Logan (?!) with the 30th pick. That one hurts.
  • In the 2006 draft, the Jazz took Paul Millsap with the 47th pick. The Warriors took Patrick O’Bryant with the 9th pick and Kosta Perovic with the 38th pick. Ouch.

Is there anyone who wants a do-over … or, um, four?


One Response to Some Salt For Your Wounds

  1. injuryrate says:

    I wouldn’t worry about missing Boozer so much. He clearly wasn’t all that good until he started “juicing.” It amazes me how no one seems to realize this guy was a second round pick out of Duke who during his second season in Cleveland suddenly started to break out in hives, followed by a couple years of freak injuries, and now looks like a tank and no one’s suspicious. You’ve gotta be kidding me. This guy has steroids written all over him. Or at least HGH.

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