Giants Roundup: And In Today’s 2-1 Loss …

  • Noah Lowry tossed a complete-game gem last night, but the Giants “offense” was nowhere to be found as they lost to Houston 2-1. Just another anemic day at the plate for the Giants … [SFGate]
  • As if on cue, he three-step formula for writing a 2007 Giants game recap could not be more spot-on. #1: Starting Pitcher ____ was masterful through 6 innings. He scattered 4 hits while striking out 3 and walking 2. [McCovey Chronicles]
  • First came Warriors fans, and now Giants (read: Barry) fans are gaining national exposure, in the form of the cover of Sports Illustrated. However, whereas Warriors fans were praised as passionate and loyal, Giants fans are being pigeon-holed as Barry-loving morons. The SI piece is a pretty dumb article, and we are generally very tolerant of journalists doing their job. An excerpt, not entirely out of context: “To the nation, they are a unified whole: Bonds fans in the Bay Area. While the rest of the country is divided on his pursuit of Aaron — 52% don’t want him to break the record, according to an ESPN/ABC poll last week — it is assumed that in San Francisco they blindly follow their hero, despite the revelations from the BALCO investigation about his alleged steroid use. That is, when they aren’t lighting up enormous medically sanctioned blunts or proposing to their gay partners.” [SI]
  • Thanks to Armando Benitez, every Astros fan received a free chicken sandwich at last night’s game. Bravo, Armando. Bra-vo. [Houston Chronicle]
  • When and where will Barry Bonds break the record? If he keeps his current pace, we’re looking at late June in Milwaukee or at home against (wait for it) the Yankees. Wouldn’t it be cute if Bonds had Roger Clemens and Jason Giambi over for dinner that night? It would be like the Goodfellas scene where De Niro and company laugh about how they got away with their big heist. [The FanHouse]
  • You think you know, but you have no idea. This is the diary of Barry Bonds. [NY Daily News]
  • We might have a new favorite Japanese player. Ichiro’s quotes are either hilariously out-of-control or his interpreter is just having some fun. His thoughts on steroids: “When you take steroids, it’s not as if wings grow out of your back, and you start flying all over the place and stealing home runs.” Hey, we feel the same way! [The FanHouse]

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