This Offseason Is Already Pretty Interesting

What’s going on in Warriorville? Usually it takes a couple weeks for the offseason stories to develop, but as the W’s have proven time and time again, they are the most entertaining team in the league, on and off the court.

  • Don Nelson doesn’t know if he’s coming back or not. He’s allegedly giving himself until July 1 to decide. If Nellie doesn’t come back, then the Warriors suddenly get a lot worse. Almost instantaneously, their roster turns from a matchup nightmare to problematic. Can you picture BoomDizzle and Stephen Jackson with a young, inexperienced coach? This team was made for Nellie. [GSoM]
  • Aside from Mr. Nellie, Mullin’s got some other tasks on his table, finding a big man and figuring out what do with all the guys with weird names who don’t play (Jasikevicius, O’Bryant, Cabarkapa, Azubuike, Perovic and Foyle). [SFGate]
  • Baron Davis and His Beard want to get paid, yo. Well guys, if you think that a GM is going to give a contract extension to a 30-year-old (almost), always-injured, already-untradeable point guard who, until April, was having one of his worst seasons, well you don’t–oh right, Chris Mullin’s the guy who gave Adonal Foyle $8 million. [CC Times]
  • In today’s shocking news, team owner Chris Cohan is in trouble with the IRS. [The FanHouse]
  • The fellas at 100% did a nice little post-mortum wrap-up, summing up our thoughts on the playoffs rather nicely: “For us Warriors fans, it was still a great season. No one even thought we’d make the playoffs. And not only did we make the playoffs, but we knocked out the #1 seed. What made it even more worthwhile was seeing Cuban cry today at Nowitzki’s MVP ceremony. That was pretty classic. And The City provided everyone with that moment.” [100% Injury Rate]

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